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Dec 4, 2008
I've had this c/dale hybrid style bike for a couple of years and gradually broken spokes on the front wheel. we're now at 3 and I think this is probably long overdue but I really must do something about it.

while c/dale are not known for their high quality oem components (so I understand), is it fair to say that the original rim could be rebuilt with new spokes etc? the bike is equipped with discs and I want to keep it that way. currently the front is the Avid BB7, while the rear is the original Tektro part.

I do want to have a dynamo hub, probably the Shimano model. I also have lying around, an Alexa AT450 rear wheel. Is there any point in reusing this Alexa rim in preference to the (unknown brand) oem rim? What I'm trying to say is, are rims brake-specific? I know that the AT450 has a braking surface which is obviously not necessary. I imagine, but you guys can put me right on this, that the AT450 is a better product than the oem c/dale one?

If I remember correctly, my LBS will supply the Shimano hub and build a new wheel based on my old oem rim, for about ¥18000. Any alternatives glady considered, because this ¥18000 has probably been the reason I haven't gone ahead and done it in the past. but 3 is a bit dodgy.

And, are there now any alternatives to the Shimano DH-3N80? I had not looked for a while.
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Oct 11, 2009
That price is about right. The Alex rims aren't my first choice.. pretty ok .. just others are better. The Shimano Dynamo hub w/DB mount is awesome. There are alternative hubs, btw, but they tend to be more pricy and / or not as rugged. What size is the wheel? 700? 650b? 26? I'll be honest and say that most factory wheels are not so great because they are built mainly to lateral truing specs only. Therefore - the radial truing is poor and attention to equalizing spoke tension is low. Combine that with heavy duty riding and spokes will pop, maybe more than you like. So -- maybe all I'd need to do is re-tune your existing wheel and replace the broken spokes and it might be fine for a long time.
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