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New Firmware Update for Garmin 705


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Garmin have just released a firmware upgrade for the Edge 705 and several other units I've highlighted in bold the more important updates!

Changes from version 3.10 to version 3.20:

  • Improved calculation and reporting of total ascent, total descent, and grade.
  • Improved handling of history files when saving.
  • Correctly calibrates wheel size when using PowerTap hub.
  • Backlight setting now saved to configuration and set automatically on power-on.
  • Improved 'Go Home' functionality to search for any user-created waypoints named home.
  • Added new timezone for Santiago, Chile.
  • Allow house number 0 on find address page.
  • Improved range on power calibration page.
  • GSC10 sensor improvements to reduce speed spikes.
  • Uses elevation calibration point when starting an activity during a course.
  • Added message indicating elevation calibration point has been found.
  • Expand elevation calibration radius to 50m.
  • Translations updated in the user interface.
  • Changes from version 2.90 to version 3.10:
  • Added ability to use waypoint elevation as the starting elevation for an activity when the user starts within approximately 30m of this waypoint.
  • Fixed issue where workouts using power zones based on percent of FTP or heart rate zones based on percent of maximum HR were saved incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue where Garmin Training Center could give a data transfer failed error if the unit had a bike profile name longer than fifteen characters.
  • Fixed issue with inaccurate display of history dates in some languages.
  • Added support for updated Australia Daylight Saving Time start and end dates.
  • Updated translations.
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