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Jul 16, 2011
Yokohama, Aoba-ku
Hi everyone, my Name is Andreas and I am a mid 40, bit overweight and bit out of shape guy. I got myself a Trek fx7.3 and want to use it to get back in shape again. I live on the Den-en-toshi line near Aobadai.
Any advice on some easy tours in my area?? Also any other advice would be really appreciated:)

(Actually I don't have the bike yet) I have to wait till August 1st till I can pick it up.)
Also need some advice on helmets and other necessary goods!!
Thanks a lot!!
Oct 15, 2010
Congrats and welcome. Other than the bike and any helmet, I would say get:

two inner tubes
a patch kit
a mini pump (best to have at least one pump with a pressure gauge
something for water - either bottles and cages or a Camelbak
clipless pedals - Shimano PD-M520 (under 3,500 yen from
bib shorts
cycling jersey
cycling computer - Cateye Velo 8 Cycle Computer (2,500 yen from
a 100 yen bike bell

I live nearby in Futako Shinchi. We should ride once you get your bike.

From your place, take route 246 (BE CAREFUL!) to the Tama River and then go upstream. Best to cross over to the Tokyo side at Noborito. From there trips up to Kunitachi and back to your place will start to get you in shape. Then, once you get the hang of it, go further upstream to Hamura, or if you have time, get on the quiet road around Hamura and ride to Lake Okutama.
I am riding up the river every day this summer if I can, doing at least 60kms round trip - usually early morning. Let me know if you want to meet up some time....

...might want to get some bike insurance too. You can search on the TCC forum for a lot of info, including info related to insurance. I got mine online from Mont Bell.


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Dec 3, 2010
Welcome Andreas!

I got back into biking to lose weight too. June 2010 I weighed 136Kg, June 2011 I now weigh 109Kg, I want to lose another 20Kg or so, but I am getting in better shape all the time!

How Tall are you?

I'm about 181cm tall and finding stuff that fits me here is just about impossible, but I have found a great company in the US called >> Aero Tech Designs << they have large sized shorts and jerseys, good prices, and quality products, also their shipping is fast and cheap.....

USPS Global Priority Mail INTERNATIONAL - Outside United States - 6 to 10 business days starts at $16 for first item and $2.00 each additional item - Worldwide

When you consider the US dollar is worth not much, they have great gear and cheap prices. You will be able to ride longer and better if you are comfortable, and real cycling gear makes a BIG difference.

I'd only add a few things I'd add to the list:

Pair of surgical gloves
<<- cheap easy way to keep you hands warm on cold days, and keep them clean if you have to put your chain back on if it comes off or change a tube because of a flat, often on the road you cannot easily wash your hands.
Under seat pouch <<- you need a place to keep the multi tool, patch kit, spare tubes and such :D

Then just ride the darn thing :D

Again, welcome!:cool:
Jul 16, 2011
Yokohama, Aoba-ku
Thanks for the replies!!

Thanks to you, guys. I am really looking forward to start with my cycling.
I checked out already and will place my order with them. They even offer free shipping to Japan!! That's a great service!!


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May 25, 2009
Hi there,

Actually Im one ward over in Asahi-ku. I would suggest using the Tsurumigawa cycle road you can ride from where you arestraight down to Yokohama without crossing any major roads.

Infact I pass through Ichigao on my rides as I use the river to get out in to the mountains.

I do suggest if you plan to ride the Tamagawa stay off 246, just ride to Tama City up and over Yomuri Land and drop down to the Tama. Nice roads and a better work out. But to be honest the Tsurumigawa is x100 better.... wider, less used and better paved.
Jul 16, 2011
Yokohama, Aoba-ku
Hi, FarEast, thanks for the info. Could you give me more details about the Tsurumigawa?? This looks like an ideal training cycle for me. It is also not so far from where I live! Actually I live in Ichigao. It's so long time ago that I did long cycle tours. Longest was when I was 17, I went form my home city in Germany to Hannover, which was about 300km.