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Sep 28, 2011
So I got invited to be a brand ambassador last week. You guys know what it is right? Basically it involves shilling yourself out to some corporation by creating free "user generated reviews" of their products for very little gain. Usually 10% product discount or something inconsequential like that. Let's face it, it basically points to a certain insecurity and vapidness of character.

Needless to say those character traits pretty accurately describe me, so I was straight onto it, sending in my resume, touting my massive Instagram following and my ability to generate 'likes' on TCC (Don't let me down boys!). Sure enough I was selected! Hooray!

So let me introduce the new corporation I'm shilling for.... Peek industries!

Here is a little from their web page...

Peek Industries said:
Generating thousands of Strava kilometers each year, Peek industries offer new levels of pain with exemplary sockage
and another

Peek Industries said:
With the release of Ver. 10.8.2 Peek Industries wife updated kit odours from musty ass to soapy rose, whatever the distance, you need never be out of the soap rose garden
Anyway, that's enough of that, The deal you are asking? Right! Well, basically I managed to negotiate a sweet deal. 1 tagged photo gets gets me a 20min digital "tow" coupon I can redeem anytime. I also get to set the speed from the back.

Well, I got to test out some coupons today, perfect! "Headwind on the Arakawa?" No, Never heard of it!

20min coupon...Kaching! #PeekIndustries

Can you move over a bit, please, and slow down, too!....Kaching!...20min #PeekIndustries

Here's me redeeming (and receiving) another 20 minute coupon... 4m/s headwind... No problem - "35km/hr please sir." #PeekIndustries


If anyone wants in I can probably make it happen now I'm best mates with the CEO.


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May 29, 2012
You need to be be more demanding, a least 30% / 30min for any kind of ambassadorship or else you're selling yourself cheap :love:

Mlac Peek

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Jun 12, 2012
Toda, Saitama
You need to be be more demanding, a least 30% / 30min for any kind of ambassadorship or else you're selling yourself cheap :love:
Now now don't be giving him any silly ideas. Any good ambassadorship relationship has to start at the bottom and work their way up to the full megalobrevit 200km tow, the ultimate in reimbursed tickets and luxury travel on two wheels.

Having said that, brown-nosing is an acceptable and unapologetic way to promote your coupon percentage quota.
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