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New bike rules - Child Seats


Mar 28, 2008
Hi I am a German guy in central Tokyo. I commute with my mountain bike to work, but also drop off my girl at day care (where I leave the child seat).

I was wondering if anybody knows the specifics about this upcoming new law, especially in regards to riding with kids. I hear about the three riding and somebody told me about a screen or windshield required (that sounds a bit strange).

Thankful for any information or links to original sources.


New law...

Hello Markus,
The new "bicycle bill" has been a long-running dilemma, and cause of considerable dispute amongst all cyclists. Read about them here:
...and here:

Your situation with the child-seat is a little different to what has been posted so far though.
As far as I'm aware the current law states that, "1 child-seat" at either the front or back, is Legal!
"2 child-seats" are ILLEGAL... However, the police turn a blind eye to it, not wanting to inconvenience mothers with more than one child.

I don't particularly mind if a mother has two children - as long as she is comfortable handling the bike like that; and doesn't ride out in front of faster moving vehicles (including us).

I'm still a proponent of:
"NO HELMET" = On the sidewalk!
"HELMET" = On the road!

Despite my strong opinions, I hope this helps.
Thanks Travis,

I can see there is a lot of discussion here. I hope if something official comes out someone can post it.

I see the points and issues here.

Personally I found the perfect solution to do kids shuttle and turn myself into a road bike quickly after the day care drop off - so I was very concerned about the rumor that a front child carrier needs a windshield ??? That would be very counter productive and silly for that matter.


Windshields? These people are becoming more silly by the moment. Next they will be suggesting galoshes and sunglasses. :rolleyes:

I also have a child whom I take to kindergarten by bike every morning. Travis is right about the law as it stands now, and also that the police will not interfere with anyone with 2 kids as long as they are cycling 'safely'.

I dealt with this matter a few weeks ago in my blog and attached an article on the subject which you might want to read.



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