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New Bike Purchase... Salsa Fargo


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
After much debate and some questions here on the forum, I finally had the opportunity to try out the Vaya and Fargo back to back to back to back to back. The guys at the shop were entertained. I put both bikes through everythig I could think of doing. They let me take off to go as far as I wanted. They had my car keys and driver's license. After assessing what I wanted the bicycle to do, I decided on the Fargo.

Pictured here with my fiance's Vaya.
If anyone is looking for an all around bike that can take the abuse of single track and comfy for a long haul, consider it! This is quickly becoming my bike of choice when anything other than speed is the goal.

Initial impression... You need to pick your poison. I can see where the bike is good for road riding. it can take curbs, pot holes etc... just pump the tires up and they will roll. It is a bit sluggish to get moving, but once those big tires are moving... scooting along is fairly easy. But I am not sure there is an in the middle pressure to do both well. So if you are riding to the trail, you jnust have to put up with poor road handling for a bit.

The riding position is fairly upright with the bars level with the seat.

Let a little air out of the tires and it hits some decent single track well. It is different riding on the hoods vs a flat bar off road, but I did ok. The bike cleared every obstacle on the local MTB trail with exception of one, and that was me opting to skip it from a lack of confidence.

I will be ordering panniers for it soon and expect this to be my tourer, grocery getter, etc....
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