New Bike- ideas?

Jan 14, 2007
Was going to upgrade my TREK and put the old components on my FONDRIEST which is falling to bits.

My wife however gave me the green light yesterday:

'Why don't you just buy a new one and give the FONDRIEST back to your brother...?'

I like her thinking.

I like the look of the Specialised S-works. Pucci? Is it as good as it looks?
I have been happy with TREK and wouldn't complain if I got another. They are good value for money.
ORBEA? Freeride? Any problems with your new machine?

I also like De Rosa, RIDLEY, CERVELO,

This is going to be fun.... :rolleyes:

Any ideas? What bike would you buy next?


Speeding Up
Feb 15, 2007
Philips wish list . . .

Unfortunately my top 3 includes 98 different bikes. Anyway for the next 3 minutes here are my top 3 road & TT bikes . . .

Road bike:
1) Cervelo SLC-SL
2) Colnago C50
3) Seven Axiom SG

TT bike:
1) Cervelo P3
2) BMC Time Machine TT01
3) Felt DA

Enjoy the agonies of choice ;)




Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
unlimited budget, Colnago C50 pista in black.Campy gear and Italian bars saddle and tires. Thats all I want. Simple
or Calfee Dragonfly, Koga Miyata full pro scandium( to keep it local).
Oh that I had your problem.
Jan 14, 2007
Thanks for the tips.

1) Cervelo SLC-SL at the top of the list now. (My wife doesn't like S-works). :mad:

Went to my local supplier today and he told me the 2008 models are about to be released which means that 2007 models will be going cheap soon.
I'll just give him a list of what I want and he'll try and get me a 2007 cheap model.

On the Sunday morning sprint our club does I was in the 2nd group and most of the guys were about my level. There was one faster guy who doesn't come often. He should have gone in the faster group but for some reason wanted to go in ours. He was on a Cervelo and I was on his tail for the rotation. After we'd all taken a pull he decided to make a break for it and as I was on his tail; I just tried to stay with him. We opened up a huge gap on the other 4 guys. I couldn't help this guy much as he was too fast for me but we stuck together and he took longer pulls. I got a good look at his back wheel and the humming of his carbon wheels. It's a beautiful bike. One other guy has a new Ridley as well that cost him 100man. My buget is low but I'll get something that will keep me happy for 3 or 4 years...

I love my TREK but the frames are starting to look a bit old fashioned. They haven't really made many changes in design either. The new Madones are almost the same as my 5500 2003 model. Having almost 2 identical bikes would be nice. One for training and one for racing and Sundays.

I've been on 2 Colnagos and possibly a size problem but I didn't like the feel of them. A bit too stiff.

I've been on an Anchor. Anchor are making nice bikes now but they also felt a bit strange.

GIANT. I think they are nice bikes but the frame geometry is very different to my trek and the difference may feel too weird. I don't want to fork out a lot of money for something that may feel weird.

I need to test ride a few I suppose and that's not always possible....

decisions, decisions....


2008 Madone looks a lot like the Specialized S-works



Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
Bikes I considered

Before I settled on my System Six, this was my shortlist

Cervelo R3. Nice application of carbon technology, good reviews, good finite element analysis based design; but; wait time for my size in Japan is somewhere between 3 months and "sometime" - not really a way to attract customers.
Titus Vuelo. To match my mountainbike :) . Ultimate bling factor! Once again, hard to get hold of and very pricey. Poor warranty (2 years)
Specialized Roubaix & Tarmac. I liked the shape of the 2006 models but not the 2007s (even though it's probably a better bike). Good warranty. Difficult to get my size.
Orbea Orca. One of the most beautiful bikes. I have no idea how it rides though...
Scott CR-1. Nice design but no replacable derailleur hanger means you can write-off the frame in a single crash.

The System Six won because
The whole bike is designed to work together (frame, fork, stem, crank etc)
It comes in my size (woooo hooooo!)
The spec is top-of-the-line and far cheaper than buying the parts separately
It has a lifetime warranty

And, having bought it, I could not be happier with it. It's a rocketship uphill and rock-solid downhill (73 km/h on Saturday!), but still comfy enough to ride all day long.

There's nothing more fun than spending other people's money for them :p
Jan 14, 2007
I like the Kuota as well. Beautiful looking famres. My team mate had one stolen from outside the Cycle Show about 2 years ago. He was with me and refused to have his bike chained to mine. :warau:
He buys a new bike a year. Has a beautiful GIANT at the moment and has a Cervelo on order.

Cannondale has a story in cycling news. (Super 6)

Di Luca rode one of these to win the Giro the other day.


Apr 23, 2006
shakujiidai, nerima ku, tokyo
I like the Kuota as well. Beautiful looking famres. My team mate had one stolen from outside the Cycle Show about 2 years ago. He was with me and refused to have his bike chained to mine. :warau:
He buys a new bike a year. Has a beautiful GIANT at the moment and has a Cervelo on order.

Cannondale has a story in cycling news. (Super 6)

Di Luca rode one of these to win the Giro the other day.
Yeah, I was looking at those Cannondales Liquigas had, really lovely. I have not been a big Cannondale fan but they have really changed my mind.

What about Pinarello mate? Time to get some class and GO ITALIAN!!


Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
Kawaguchi, Saitama
Only one thing that puts me off...

I looked at the pictures, and there's only one thing that I don't like about both the "SystemSix" and the "Scott CR-1"; and it's the "fat" down-tube.
I know that they're both as LIGHT as anything, but the fat tubes make them look heavy, as well as adding extra wind-resistance.
Skinny is better! Especially for climbing hills!
My friend (Harada-san from Alpen-Marker) has a Scott CR-1 that you can pick up with your little finger, but..... even at only 6.5kg (about 14lbs) for the whole bike, it doesn't look as sexy as the Kuota!
I'll sacrifice weight for looks any day!
Those Orbea's kind of have a bit of both though - Shay & Ken:cool:


Speeding Up
Sep 22, 2006
Ichikawa Chiba

My favourite is the Bianchi C2C 928 full carbon with an ultegra set up. It's only 300,000 plus yen :eek: Style and speed all in one. If only I had the legs and bank account to match it. :p
Jan 14, 2007
Pinarello have never really turned me on. De Rosa look much better IMHO.
My local shop has a deal with De Rosa and he would love me to get one. De Rosa Kings are almost as nice as the Kuotas. But I think the shop owner would be happier than I would if I got a De Rosa.

My thoughts change day by day. Today's plan.
Order a 2008 Trek 6.9 pro frame only and while it's coming buy all the other bits and pieces every couple of weeks and my wife won't realize the whole price once the jigsaw puzzle is complete.

I'll probably only by the back wheel 12-27 ksyrium

Use my carbon wheels as the main wheels.
Get a nice new handle bar and stem...(better than they'd supply standard). The shop will give me a 20,000 yen discount on all the Dura -Ace and put it all together for me for 10,000.
Will probably end up being a lot cheaper than the rrp for a complete bike.

Order the same frame size and hopefully it won't feel all that different to my current Trek.

I have a good seat in storage already. (even have spare stems).
Jan 14, 2007
My favourite is the Bianchi C2C 928 full carbon with an ultegra set up. It's only 300,000 plus yen :eek: Style and speed all in one. If only I had the legs and bank account to match it. :p

Very nice...

and cheapish too......... Would have to put Dura -ace on it so I can swap parts with my current bike...

Get it Pete. It will make you ride faster just sitting on a few extra lessons a week for a few months and it will be free....
Jan 14, 2007
We have to be careful with our dislikes....worse than insulting a wife or girlfriend.
There are a lot of beautiful bikes in most brands but sometimes they don't always suit our own personal tastes. I thought the Cervelos were PHAT too until I read up on how narrow and light the frames are.
I used to love Colnago but now I don't. Have never liked Pinarello, GIOS is not my cup of tea either... but they are all very popular brands.

Trucksan told me yesterday... 'it shouldn't be a fashion statement..'.
My TREK looked modern in 2004 and now it looks old fashioned.


Speeding Up
Jul 12, 2006

The S-Works is very laterally stiff in the back, so there is a real feeling of instant power transfer. The overall theme, however, is damping. No road buzz. The bike does not beat you up at all, so is great for long rides.

Downside is that the damping is achieved, in part, by a very short head tube and flexy steerer. You can literally rock the handlebars up and down and feel the steerer bend. This is standard Specialized style; my Festina SL was also under built in the front. Rock-steady in the descent, but flexes at the bars when climbing out of the saddle.

To a climber like me, that is perfect. To a power-sprinter it would probably be too flexy.
Jan 14, 2007
Except you will sometimes let your mates take your bike for a quick ride:D

check out the new madone

cats pyjamas.

Damn can't do hot links...
26 minute presentation debut clip

New improved 90mm bottom bracket. Less parts, and stronger. Good for power.

New seat post. No cutting, still adjustable, no water can leak inside the frame. Needs less reinforcing to support the seat post, stronger, lighter and more flexible.

Forks have an implanted speed sensor. No wind resistance. Not sure if it will house Cat Eye, Polar etc. But is a step in the right direction.

They've made a big jump in design. Think I'll order the frame and in the mean time start buying the other bits and pieces....

CERVELO is crossed off my list because it's not a good sprinters bike.

Looking forward to some other surprises in designs for 2008. The major 2008 bicycle show season starts in Germany very shortly I was told yesterday....


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
Go titanium!

No suggestion here, just want to show off what I got myself this week:

After the Tour de Tohoku I decided to look for a new long-distance touring bike and opted for the Panasonic FCT09 titanium frame. I wasn't unhappy with my Bianchi steel tourer, but I couldn't help noticing its weight when Travis and I tried "truck-drafting" in Aomori. :warau:

The FCT09 frame weighs 1,4kg and is quite stiff. It's of course less shock-absorbant than carbon, but hey, you can't have everything. She's fully Ultegra-equipped and sports a pair of Bontrager Race X Lite wheels I didn't use. The front chain rings are 50/34, I guess that makes her a compact and me a cheater in the next International Fuji Hill Climb. :p I might use her in other races as well.

I tested her yesterday up and down Tamagawa and I'm quite impressed. Go titanium! :happy1: