New Bike for commuting

Sep 22, 2009
Last year I was T-boned as I was using a crossing on green by some f
ktard turning left Who just didn't see me
He pissed off after I moved out and I didn't get the reg So my bike suffered 2 bent wheels and a bend crank arms

Repaired the best I could replacing both wheels,cranks and BB However since the accident I have suffered pulls,strains and aches
So I'm thinking the bike was more damaged than I thought but it did seem to measure up... (also I spent more on the repair than the bike is worth @#$@)

Too much man maths so I'm going to get a new commuting bike !!

Since it's commuting I'm thinking a hybrid/cross again

I have two main picks :-

Jamis Coda Elite

520 Steel Frame
Disc's brakes
Deore Shifters (27 gears 3x9)
Carbon fork

Merida Gran 200 (sorry it's japanese but the main spec are there)

Alu Frame
Disc's brakes
Sora Shifters (18 gears 2x9)
Carbon fork

There's not much in it but I have never ridden on steel or had a carbon fork
I know the Deore are more MTB and the Sora are road but I'm not sure how this will work on a Cross bike ?

So I'm not really sure which one is best for me


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Dec 2, 2017
Both are roughly equivalent, and I share your taste, the Merida looks better. But I'd make the choice based on which bike takes wider tires: my wife's cross bike came with 32 mm tires which are comfortable for someone who is used to riding 25 mm wide tires.


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Nov 14, 2011
Miura, Japan
I have owned about 8 Jamis. Never an issue with quality.
My first reaction -
I prefer steel. The ride of good steel is still my favorite feel. Aluminum is actually my absolute least favorite material.
Also - I look at those wheels and see a gimmick on one and proven three cross on the other. Commuter... I will take proven.

That said - 9 speed MTB drivetrain is also proven and works great, but it isn't special. So it would not be my sales point, however it works insanely well and replacement parts are cheap.

My issue with sora and knowing myself... I will always upgrade. Sora would require an entire drivetrain upgrade to make any decent upgrades.

If I were picking, I take the Jamis.
But in all honesty - I am not sure either are up my alley.
I would consider a 29r MTB and put slicks on it. Something like this....


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Feb 7, 2011
FWIW, I like the steel frame better. IMO, they ride great and last forever. My guess is you will be upgrading from Sora pretty soon.

PS. You could buy just a frame, then pick up the 9 speed Ultegra stuff I'm getting rid of. It is what I've used for commuting. I had it set up using flat bar shifters with Ultegra triple drive train.
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Sep 22, 2009
Ordered the Merida today .. I will see how I get on with the Sora chainset :cool:
Really want to buy locally So I was able to order the Merida and it should arrive in a few days at the shop

Its a shame about the old bike but it's done over 25,000 Km so I got my moneys worth
I think you made the right choice. I actually prefer steel too but while the Deore 9 speed rear mech is decent on the coda, the front tripple chainset and front d is cheap af. That's a riveted Alivio chainset with a matching front mech. They're standard on much cheaper bikes and while not terrible, I wouldn't expect them on a 100,000円 bike. Sora is actually fine, actuates nicely and has a decent range of options compared to Claris and the FSA chainset that comes with it is much nicer.