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New Bike. Colnago Master Pista.


Apr 18, 2010
I haven't bought a bike in ages, but this one was too good to pass up. Colnago Master Pista, signed by Ernesto Colnago.

Anyone out there have some track pedals they are looking to sell? Or a 144 bsd track chain ring 42t???







Unbelievable... Isn't this something for the museum? I mean - what if you crash??
A bike should never be left in a museum it should be riden regardless otherwise there was no point in it ever being built.

James.... stunning bike and I'm hoping to see you on it around Yokohama.... hopefully I will have my fixie soon.... Pinarello Lungavita
Sweet looking bike, amazing score! Me, I would be happy enough with just the wheels.
That is beautiful!

Really good colours and vibe to it.

Can't wait to see it built up.

Are you going to go traditional with the parts, or are you going to modern it up?

Either way would be excellent.

Dare I ask, how much it set you back??
I bought it as a full bike. everything from the pics plus. record seat post. Fizik carbon rail sadal. chris king headset, deda bar and stem, and a 105 brake. $2100

The only parts that I really dont vibe well with are the threadless headset, deda stem and deda bars. oh yeah, and of course the brake :)

I can live with the headset, but the stem and bars have to go. I would like to go with a traditional threaded stem, but honestly i need some rise in the stem or i dont think i can ride the bike how i really want to. So im thinking to put my thompson stem and my favorite bullhorns on there for the time being.

Still looking for pedals!
Now you just need one of these...

...Hopefully, personally autographed by Mr. Abus, himself :D

It begs for proper Cinelli track bars! The carbon seatpost has me a little worried - you might check with an expert builder how to install properly into the steel seat tube. Might need an upgraded clamp or shim or something..
Shouldn't need any mods, my carbon Pinarello uses an aluminium clap. As long as you know what the torque limits are for the seatpost should be all good, normally around 5-6 N-m.
Mr. Abus

Unfortunately there is no "Mr. Abus" but Travis was close. Abus is an abbreviation for August Bremicker und Soehne (August Bremicker and sons), the name of the man who founded the company in 1924. He is long dead of course, but it seems that the company is still owned by the family.

Since Abus foundation, not a single bike has been stolen in Germany I have heard. It is virtually impossible to steal anything that is bolted to the ground by an Abus lock. If you loose the key - it is probably easier to saw through the frame. Or call the fire fighters to bring one of these:


Abus products come rated by the company on a safety level from 1 to 15. I tried to buy something which was rated 8 lately, but it seemd to be grossly inadequate for the level of safety on German streets.


Note that the top model from Abus for bicycles weights more than 3.7 kg. So basically half of the average bike weight we are riding.


Of course, if this is not enough, try a strionger motorbike lock :


6 kgs of pure safety.
Perfect to towing behind your bike to get some power training in as well!
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