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Help Need spare parts, bike shop recommendation


Mar 28, 2024
Hey riders! I'm travelling from London and planned cycling during my holidays in Japan.
Went to Nikko area (Kinugawa-onsen town), weather last two days wasn't great but not terrible either! On second test ride today, a tree branch went into rear wheel and snapped derailer hanger of my rented Giant :confused: had to convert it to single speed to get back home.

I'm quite desperate because I had so many plans up until Wednesday next. Tomorrow I'm going to Tokyo (best shot of getting a spare part?) - I can do repair myself but need the parts.
Looking at bike shops though, not sure if they would have this particular spare available.
1. Could you please recommend stores or bike repair shops that may have this
2. Long shot, but If someone may have a spare and willing to give it out to stranger for any reasonable money I'll see if I can collect it.

Tried amazon but closest delivery of this particular model is week+

Is this it?

Your best bet is probably to try a Giant store. The most central one seems to be in Meguro.

I just checked on Google Maps, and the closest one to Kinugawa station seems to be in Kawagoe, near Minami Furuya station. There are Giant stores near Futako Tamagawa station, Seiseki-Sakuragaoka station, Center Minami station, Ogikubo station, and Nishidai station (Hosonuma Jitensha Ten). If you tell any of them your model and year, they can have the part shipped to their store pretty quickly if it is in stock at another store. Or, since time is an issue you can just tell them that you'll go to the other shop and pick it up on that day if it will still be open by the time you get there. It'll be a good idea to bring the broken part with you just in case.
Got the hanger in Meguro store, also was lucky that I brought the derailer to the store too - it hasn't been immediately obvious but it was broken too. Got a new one from YS Road in Shinjuku. Now just need to do a bit of mechanic work to put it all back in place.
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