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need some help


Feb 25, 2007
If anybody is still online.

Just been rebuilding the bike after extracting it from it's travel case.
Set post clamp is stripped!!:eek:uch:
Any guidance to where I can get a new 32mm seat post clamp and bolt would be helpful.
I live right next to Tokyo Tower so anything local would be real good.

thanks for the help

Bike shops.

The closest to you might be "Y's bike shop" in Akasaka.
That's the only advice I can give at the moment.
Other than that, wait for "AlanW" to log in and give you some more options - He lives near Tokyo tower as well, and he knows nearly every shop in Tokyo. He should know some places that are closer.
Just give it a day or two.
Even Sports Authority have a good range of clamps if you see one of those.
Same thing happened to me with my 1st ever ride in Japan. Mine snapped in half as we tigthened it up a notch too far.
Y's Akasaka . . .

Hi Greg,

Y's Bike Shop in Akasaka (next to Tameike Sanno station, Ginza line) should have what you need in stock to get you back on the road quickly :bike:

I have recently purchased a torque wrench. Buys you peace of mind and I figure with everything going carbon you are taking risks not using one.

Hope you get what you need quickly,


All Torque & No Action


Where did you get the Allen key 'bits' for your torque wrench?

Hi Alan . . .

"All torque and no action" :D How I miss Scottish/English humour!

I bought the hex bits from Rakuten online. However, you can get everything from Tokyu Hands.


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