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May 25, 2009
Just entered myself andmy daughter in to the race on August 23rd at Shuzenji and they are asking for a SID number. Does TCC have one???

Also am I able to enter myself and my daughter under TCC ???
James, you don't need a SID number if it's your first JCRC race. Once you've done that first race, you'll both automatically receive your own number, along with a provisional ranking.

Good luck to both of you with the races!
Whoops, scratch that... I just checked the entry form for the race and it looks like you're supposed to apply first for your SID with this form:


(On the form there is a space for a CID number for registered teams, but TCC is not registered, so you can leave it blank.)

Once you have the SID number, then you can go ahead and apply for the race.

I don't remember having to do this for my first race, but it was organized by the 埼玉車連 so I guess that was a special case.

Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks for the info, is there another form I need to fill out for the race on the 23rd? Me and the wife looked all over for an entry form but couldn't find a thing!

Im hoping they get the SID to me soon with a entry form as the cut off is August 8th :eek:
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