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May 23, 2011
Hey guys,
i just joined this group. I've been living in Tokyo for 7 months now and bought a shitty shopping bike at the very beginning just to get around.
at home (in canada) i obsessively collect cheap/old road bikes and use those as my main form of transport.
Now that I have started my second term of school, I have realized i have a lot of free time and want to:
a) buy a new bike, and
b) go for some weekend bike trips outside of tokyo.

I had a few questions for you guys:
first, i wanted to get a single speed bike, as it would be easier to transport back to canada, as well as because I have geared bikes at home.
I am a student on a budget
does anyone know of/ or have a used single speed bike they would want to sell?
I am looking to pay around 30,000.

Also, I have been doing some research online and found this bike:
I am a female, 5'6" but pretty light weight. I was hoping more for a 480-500mm bike, do you guys think 530mm might be too big?

Anyways, if anyone has any info on cheap single speed bikes in Tokyo, that would be WICKED.

Also, I was hoping to be doing these 2-3 day trips on my own. Does anyone have any first time trip recommendations for a young, woman cycling on her own?

Thanks so much and So sorry for such a long winded first post.


Speeding Up
May 29, 2008
Out to Fuji spend the night and return the next day is great. I've cycled solo tons in Japan (I'm a very white woman) and have never had any problems (I mean, other than the standard occasion flat tire). It's super easy to ride solo night or day here.

Are you sure you want to tackle these mountains on a single speed? Some do but they are a little crazy...

Welcome and enjoy!


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Jan 14, 2008
I agree with Kori. I have had no problems riding solo as a female.

As to the type of bike it would depend on the type of riding that you are intending to do. Japan is a mountainous country so it is likely that you are going to hit the mountains as some point for which a geared bike would be the more appropriate. But that's just my opinion.

As for trips there is a lot on the TCC website that others have done - Tomin no mori, Fuji etc.

Welcome to TCC


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Jan 30, 2011
Hello Tamara,

I'm glad to see you joined us, welcome!
It was good to see you at the bike shop the other day. As for bicycles, the best new bike we could find for you at the shop would be a Schwinn Cutter which costs about 40,000. I know its above what your looking for but I thought I would just let you know.

As for trips if you head west there is no doubt you will hit mountains and as the others have said it will be really tough on a fixie (but I have seen it been done before). One trip that I have wanted to do was head to the ito peninsula and ride around there, I know its kind of a no-no but taking the coastal road should be relatively flat. A great place to stay thats really cheap is Onsen Minshuku Otsuka

Its a Japanese style ryokan sitting right on the beach. From Tokyo its about 120km, a very do-able distance I think. There are many great places to see around there.

Good luck,
hope to see you again!


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Oct 11, 2009
Depending on your inseam, a 53 'classic' geometry will be pushing the limits. A 50 would be much better (and likely more common). The pic in their ad sure looks closer to a 50-52 than a 53, btw. Anyway for 40,000 the Schwinn Cutter is a real bike. Less than that and you are likely to get something not so road worthy - especially for the hills. And, ahem, <some> of us do go into the mountains on singlespeeds - quite regularly. If you're a novice, then just gear appropriately and you'll have no issues - up or down.

Bear in mind, other than mama-charis, most ss bikes in Japan are somewhat related to either the smarmy hipster krewes, SS MTB enthusiasts , or Keirin junkies. So - they tend to carry some cachet raising the prices inordinately. You can stumble on stuff- but you need to keep a look out everywhere and including Yahoo Auction. You never know what you may find - it just takes a little more patience.

Like this .. http://page4.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/d118828167
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