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Narita Loop Feb 14th (Sat)


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Sep 1, 2007
Just wondering if anyone would be interested in joining me for a mid-Boso ride on the 14th (Saturday, NOT Sunday, which is TEAM OSOI's Tokyo Pottering day).

Course would be something like this:


Route takes in the Inbanuma cycle path up to the Tone River, down the Tone River to route 79, then round the far side of Narita airport all the way to the coast, and then back up the valleys of Sammu-shi to Sakura. About 120 easy kms, mostly flat, with a few low rollers in the hills either side of the airport. Not quite as scenic as southern Boso, but rural and with minimal traffic.

Thinking a moderate road bike pace. Might be a good ride for first-timers and lurkers, especially if you're on the east side.

Start time would be 9:30-ish from JR Sakura and/or Keisei Sakura.

If JR Sakura, you could catch the 8:22AM JR快速すいごう from Kinshicho and go straight through Chiba with no norikae, arriving 9:14 in Sakura.

You could also ride out from Funabashi on Rt. 296...
Hi Phil,

Put me down as a maybe, I should be able to confirm by Monday. It all depends if I will do the Ome 30km running race the following day. Might be given a slot by someone who has pulled out. But this does sound better to me.


Cant make it

Thanks phil

I will be way until early March unfortunately.

Would love to catch up for a ride however.

Thanks dt
Hi Phil,

Thanks for offer.
Love to join and 'm up for this if weather permits.
'm on the west side and 'll take a train arriving at Keisei-Sakura st. at 09:14am.:)

I wish I could, it looks like a fun ride. Unfortunately, Saturday is my day to stay home and take care of the kid.
Hi, Phil,
Sorry, but I'll miss this one too (but I hope after 15th I will be more free and on the lookout for new invitations).

So many interesting rides are posted on the forum lately..it's a pity I can't join them :(
I'm 50/50 at the moment and I may ride out from Abiko or home and try and catch you as you cross over the Tone river. Probably a 50km ride from home there or 30 from Tega numa.

Saturdays are usually 'look after my dogs, days'.. as my wife works and the kids can't organise anything unless it has a game console attached to it..... Will depend on her mood Friday night... :warau: The dogs are a real handful and I'm the only person they listen to lately. Lunar is going into heat and Sora is doing King Kong impersonations...
I'd really be up for it, on condition I don't have to go to HK this week! (Will know around Wednesday). It would be my first time. I live v close to Kinsho, so will take the train to Sakura. Cheers,
Considering the day, how about a title change?

Hi Phil,

How about the "St. Valentine's Day Loop"? Or something more romantic, for those so inclinded? :rolleyes:

Anyway I am not running on Sunday afterall, so count me in. And I will take this train out from Tokyo eki, if anyone wants to join me.

On board for 56 minutes (Traveling for 56 minutes)
Total Fare(One-way) 950 yen Distance:55.3 km

Train Info. Departs
Rapid Airport Narita 02/14/2009 08:10am
Sakura (Chiba) 09:06am
[56min.] 55.3km 950yen

Are there lockers at Sakura eki to stash our bags in?

Giri-choco all round, then?

Cheers for the replies, guys.

By my count we have two definites and a couple of maybes.

Keren > 9:06 AM sounds good...we can coordinate meetings with the JR Sakura and Keisei Sakura folk (the stations are about 1-2 kms apart) once we know who's arriving where.

No lockers at JR Sakura, but I'll bring my car to that station so anyone who needs to can stash rinko bags, civvies etc.

In so far:
astroman (Keren)

Edogawakikkoman (Pete)
DanS (welcome to the board!)

Sergey, Marc, David > Sorry you guys won't be able to make it. Next time, yeah?
Thanks Phil. I`m a maybe as well - I need to pick up a rinko-bag! I`ll try to get one this week
Me too!

Thanks Phil, for arranging this one.
I'll be there.
Will be riding out from Eastern-Tokyo along Rte.14 (Kuramaebashi-dori) at around 7:00-ish, near "Koiwa".
I think it's about 40-45km to Sakura from there - ie. 2 hours.

I'm hoping that Thomas has recovered from his ailment and has the day free. If so, he may join me for the ride out too:)
>Thomas: Hope you're feeling better!

If not, I'll ride solo.
Anyone else want to go the extra distance?


This is for anyone who wishes to ride out to Sakura "Chiba" for this Saturday's ride:

I will be on "Kuramaebashi-Dori - 蔵前橋通り, Rte.315" as it crosses Edogawa (river) at 7am, if anyone wants to join me.
Here's the map:

I've ridden this route twice before, and some of the roads are terribly narrow. However there are also some new sections that are fantastic. Despite the early hour, there is likely to be a lot of traffic due to people driving to Narita Airport. Even so, we'll definitely arrive in Sakura before 9:00 for something to eat before heading off.

Please post, or PM your willingness to join me.
Brave men....

I want some of the mojo you guys have to pull off a ride on v-day...
I'm hoping that Thomas has recovered from his ailment and has the day free. If so, he may join me for the ride out too:)
>Thomas: Hope you're feeling better!

Thanks, Travis. I have recovered. I intend to join, even ride out to Chiba with you, BUT: I have a LOT of work on Friday and a party at night. I'll send you a msg to your keitai.

isn't saturday your first v-day as a hitched man?

I have always thought different rules apply in Japan (v-day, w-day). :D
I really wish I could join this one, but I have to work in the evening, so a big eastside adventure is impossible this weekend. I'll probably do a Wada-toge attack.

I had so much fun on last year's "Hilly Boso" ride (Feb. 16, 2008), and have long wanted to go back. Have fun, guys!


All week the weatherman has been predicting rain for Saturday, and he still hasn't changed his tune...:rain:

If he's right, we'll postpone the ride until the following week. Decision will be made by about 7pm-ish Friday, so please check in here BEFORE leaving for Sakura on Sat. morning... :)

In the meantime, we'll assume we're on:

- Meeting spot will be south exit of JR Sakura at 9:15 AM, with rollout at 9:30 AM.
- I'm thinking we'll go counterclockwise, so if you are coming into Keisei Sakura, you will have to arrive a bit earlier and then ride over to JR Sakura. PM or post if you want directions. (Pete, if you're riding in you'll have to come down to the station in the morning, but split off in the afternoon at the river, instead of the other way around.)
- No lunch planned, just combini re-fuelling. There's a 7-11 by the station for stocking up in the morning.
- Should be back at the station by 4PM at the latest.

And I think that's it. Looking forward to seeing everyone, weather permitting.

astroman (Keren)
YellowGiant (Travis)

Edogawakikkoman (Pete)

Deej > Sorry you can't make it; we'll do the next one on Sunday...

I shall ride with you along Route 14, if that is okl. The meeting point is very close to where i live. I shall see you at the junction of the 315 and 14 at 07:00 on Saturday morning.

If you have to cancel, or if there are any changes in arrangements can you please give me a call or send me an SMS on 090 3901 5129


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