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Nara - Koya-san


Nov 14, 2005
Went from Nara (YH) to Koya-san (YH) on Sunday/Monday.
For those who are interested in the trip, please find my original gps-data.
Total: +/- 180km

Started at Nara Youth Hostel and "climbed" Koya-san.
Well, to be honest, I did not push my (17.4kg) bike the last 20km up-hill but I needed several "breaks". Now I have a new "definition" of ENDLESS!
Endless means 20km up-hill!
For our experts:
I strongly recommend to climb the "Eastern Route" and descend from Koya-san along the "Western Route".
Why? Down-hill along the "Eastern Route" is difficult! Steep and narrow roads.
However, no traffic at all! The "Western Route" has busy traffic but allows a perfect race down-hill!
Stay at Koya-san Youth Hostel, please. A very nice and cheap accommodation!

Regards from

Very nice ride report Walter!
Thank you for sharing. Wish I could do that but I am in Chiba!

Congratulation on this trip. I know you have done Shimanami kaido also.

I am glad you enjoy riding around Japan. Hope to join you someday.

Minoru Arai
Walter - I hope you're still around. I'm travelling to Koya-san this Saturday, and wanted to ask you about the Eastern vs. Western routes.

You recommended we climb the Eastern Route and descend the Western Route. Your GPS data suggest that you did the opposite.

Are you recommending we do the opposite of what you did? Or are these routes named "eastern" and "western" in contravention of normally-accepted compass directions?

Confused (but glad to find a report of someone having been there by bike)

--HF Mike--
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