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wanna be Panzerwagen
Mar 12, 2016
Hello everyone.

My name is Hieu (it's sound like ヒューin Japanese), I'm a student from Vietnam, this July I will turn 22. this year's April will be my 2nd year living in Japan. When I first came here I have bought a bicycle right the way because 1st I don't really like have to wait for the train and 2nd because it is a pretty cheap vehicle to help me to commute and wandering around Tokyo. But then after 1 year I started to fall in love with cycling, start watching road racing and then decided to buy a real road bike. After some months doing baito, I finally have enough money to buy a second-hand road bike and I started cycling a bit more seriously (well hobbyist's seriousness, not the Athlete's one).

I am still a newbee roadie and only ride solo by myself for only 1 year. I have found this website half a year ago, have been wishing to join everyone in group ride but my time schedule that time is a bit strict so I couldn't find nice time, so I've been only a ROM. But now finally I have more easy time to be able to join in group ride. So I hope I could participate in some weekend rides with everyone.

I hope to have fun times with everybody and be able to learn more things about cycling and Japan's life from everyone.

And to the founder team and every member,Thank you for creating this communities.


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
You seem very friendly and enthusiastic so get out there and join whatever you can. I'm sure you can find something to fit your schedule.
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