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My next wheel set


Maximum Pace
Feb 5, 2012
So I've decided to get a new wheel set for no particular reason other than my sheer enjoyment. ;)

Regular use: daily training rides, weekend centuries. I do not intentionally ride in the rain, I do ride year around when the weather cooperates.
Terrain: all my weekend rides center around climbing, and I do my best to hold my own in the flats. I make all my rides with the intent to do as much climbing as I can. (My training is centered around sustained power, and flats)

Intended future use:
Ganfondo, and sportive.

Current set: carbon clinchers with carbon braking surfaces. DA hubs.

The rider:

My budget is under $2000 with tires and currently considering the following:
DA 7900 C35 tubulars w/tires = $1600
Mavic Ksyrium SLR (comes with tires) = $1545
Reynolds Assult 46mm, w/tires = $1700

The Reynolds are a little larger in profile than I would prefer, I want to stay I'm the 32-38mm range.

Any suggestions?


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
What are you doing with the old set? Selling them? I'm interested in the front if you are going to split em
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