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My new tee-shirt design

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turtle speed cyclist
May 16, 2019
Hope you guys like it. LOL
It really is me.
turtle speed cyclist.jpg
Although I set out to do an " all Japan cycling tour" four years ago. The tee-shirt our member here made for me, which i'm most grateful for,yet after 4 years I haven't been able to do it all in one tour. So, I came up with this new tee-shirt.
This year I've been to Hyogo ( help of friend to use the van up the 14 kilo high mountain to do camping). Did the Shimanami Kaido bridge, did the Ohenro 88 temples ( I only visit a few that were ground level ) in Shikoku. ( a 23 day tour of camping ) Then I finished my touring off of Ishigaki Island, Okinawa. A 43 day cycling/camping adventure for me.
I have a few adventures that I want to fulfill. And even unknown ones that await me. As you all know, I wanted to get to Hokkaido, sorry, but not yet.
Also, depends upon the future, I can see myself touring Thailand. I was stationed in Thailand in the Air Force and I have always wanted to return to visit. We have to live out dreams. I'm 70 so why not?
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