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Mar 30, 2009
So ive been hunting for a bike for the last few months. Its actually the original reason I joined TCC.... i was hoping that one of you would be looking to get rid of a 56-58. Unfortunately there was no luck! TCC helped me out BIG TIME though! I definitely learned a lot about bikes and equipment and gained a better perspective of what I was looking for! I went to LOTS of bike shops in and around Tokyo combing for the bike I desired.... no luck! 56-58 is a hard size to find in such a small country. The used bikes are expensive and never the right size. BUT I did find a lot of bike shops so now I know where I can go to get the gear I need. I set out to spend around $1000 on a ride but once I knew that I wanted to ride component set 105 or better the $1000 was becoming an impossibility. I found a Trek 1.2 in store outside of Machida... It was sporting Sora and Tiagra parts... not impressed... BUT it was $1100 and I didn't want to spend much more then that. I set out for the store to purchase the bike and when I arrived I asked if I could ride it in the parking lot to see if it fit. It was a big fat "NO". Frustrated and fatigued I left the store. It wasn't necessarily that they wouldn't let me ride it.... it was that I didn't really want the bike in the first place and them not letting me ride it around the parking lot once or twice before spending $1000 hard earned cash on it frustrated me and put me over the top. All I knew is I was tired of looking and just wanted to start riding.... on that note... im glad they didnt let me ride it! My farther (which rides a LOT) told me he would help me find one (in the states... he lives in KY). I started looking on e-bay and figured I could have the bike shipped to his house and he could look it over and ensure that it was packed correctly for the long journey overseas. And.... I FOUND ONE! I got this SWEET ride (for a starter bike I don't think I could have gotten anything better!) for roughly a little more then I initially wanted to spend. Here she is!

2007 FELT F5C
- Color: Blue
- High modulus carbon fiber modular monocoque with 12K weave.
- Felt carbon fiber fork
- Alex ALX270 wheelset
- Vittoria Action HSD folding tires
- Felt micro adjust carbon seatpost
- Felt 6061 oversized handlebar with ergonomic drop
- Felt ST 3D-forged stem
- Felt Race-lite saddle with carbon injected base
- Shimano Ultegra/105 20-speed shifters and derailleur
- FSA Gossamer, 2-piece alloy compact crankset with external BB and 7075/T6 CNC alloy 50/34T machined chainrings

Its a 58.... the guy selling it bought it brand new last year for his wife so that they could ride together.... she rode it once and decided that riding wasn't for her... it sat in a closet until now! Time for the FELT to show someone (Me!) what she is made of! There were more pictures of the bike when I bought it and with a closeup on the cassette you could see that it was still shiny! I love new! What I love even more is " Not really used"!

Im totally stoked and glad the hunt is over! Time to hit the road! In a month or so I will be looking for riders around Yokosuka area for after work and weekend rides. You guys will have to give me some time to get my stamina up to be able to hang with you on the long hauls... and... im sure for some they will be more of cruises then rides! Thanks for everyone's help and advice! See you guys soon enough!

ERIC "Thanks GOD I finally have a bike" PATTERSON
Congrats on scoring a bike. I would have sold you a bike but all I have is an old Quitanna Roo Tri-Frame that would need some new components installed. Yes, back in the day I thought the Tri scene would be for me until I realized I suck at swimming, well swimming at the level that is required in Tri's.

I am game for after work and weekend rides, as long as I don't have military commitments that interfere with those plans. I will be on the look out for the Blue Felt screaming along the streets of Yokosuka.

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