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My 300 km Fuji brevet (BRM518)

One other point on the Brooks line. The saddle surface--when paired with your typical bike shorts--is pretty slippery/slick. So no friction/abrasion.

I'm sure there are other saddles that are the same/similar and even better (CF?), but this is something that might not come to mind when just looking at a Brooks on a bike shop shelf. (And no names, but I've tried a couple that I didn't like because they weren't slick.)
The chamois in my shorts are pretty much dead (worn thin, sticking at the most important parts coming undone, and tears in the foam) and the saddle that came on my bike doesn't seem to have much of a following (one review pans it), so I'm thinking that might have to do with it... have some new bibs coming in the mail. I'll see if that helps. I always use chamois cream, which helps, but I can't even imagine doing more than 100 km.
gel flow saddle works for me

Gel saddles?, tried one years ago and went back to my favorite pretty soon. Rolls Titanio which took over from my Turbo. Any wide firm saddle with minimal padding in the shorts and then you're good to go. @baribari Check your bike fit to make sure your weight is correctly supported.
@baribari - you should get yourself a decent pair of bibs. I have tried quite a few cheap pairs and they don't even come close to a pair of decent ones. I have a pair of a Rapha bibs which are the best I have tried yet. Yes they are expensive but being comfortable in the saddle all day long is definitely worth paying for I think. My saddle is made of carbon (no padding, no leather, no nothing. Just rock hard carbon) and after finishing my ride on Saturday (only 171km, so nothing like as far as Joe rides on his kids bike;) ) I felt as fresh in the trouser department as I had at the start of the ride.
My $80 Specialized shorts worked OK for three years (although the mileage was pretty low, to be honest...). I'm hoping the $130 Sugois I ordered are even better.

The Prologo Kappa Pas might need an upgrade sometime down the line... The saddle and stem together are 550 grams...hehe
I've been using £45 bibs from Foska.com since last summer and for me they're easily as good as the Assos bibs I'd been using previously at 3x the price.
I always use chamois cream, which helps, but I can't even imagine doing more than 100 km.

And I never use chamois cream, not on my centuries, not on my 200, 300 or 600 km brevets (400 coming up)! So far I have not felt the need for it (and 100 km is not long for me, that's what I do when I only manage to get out in the afternoon ;))

I have three different pairs of cycling shorts / bib tights that I use, plus my winter tights. I'm very happy with both the TCC kit and the GS Astuto Haute Route bib tights.

While it was cold I also often rode in regular trousers which are quite comfortable with the right kind of underwear (not boxer shorts), though perhaps not ideal in mid summer. I really don't miss the cycling pad when using regular clothes with my Brooks. Cycling clothes worked better for when I sweat a lot but that was about it.
Congratulations on an impressive ride, Joe! Really enjoyed your write up as always! Looking forward to the 400 write up ...

I have always found the hard saddles comfortable and padded ones excruciating but this is the best description of why that I've come across.

I find overly padded, soft saddles more uncomfortable in the long run than firmer ones and have the same problem with car seats: unless they're firm they become uncomfortable rather soon because they let your sitbones sink in too much, subjecting muscles and nerves surrounding them to too much pressure. Mamachari saddles tend to be the worst.
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