Mushi Atsui


Speeding Up
May 28, 2016
So aside from sapping my will to live and ride, the hot humid weather has given me a problem with the bike. After my last ride, I noticed rust on my headset bolt and on the screw heads of my stem. I haven't ridden in a place this humid for a while and was wondering if you all have an secrets for preventing this from happening. I cleaned off the screw heads with degreaser as it was just what I had lying around. I regreased the threads as well as making sure to grease the screw heads and the bolts. There was a tiny bit of rust on one of the threads, but I was able to mostly clean that off and was able to mostly clean out the screw heads. Does this seem like an ok solution, or do people recommend changing the screws. Also, any suggestions for how to prevent this from happening? I put a new stem on around December. Perhaps I didn't apply enough grease to the threads. I don't think I greased the bolts or the screw heads, which could have also been a part of the problem. Anyways, just wondering if this is common in the summer here and if people have suggestions for how the deal with rust.


Maximum Pace
Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
Pay attention to the two bolts for each of your cages, too. To me the heads are irrelevant, but about once a season is good for taking them out, a tiny bit of lube, then back in.