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Maximum Pace
Feb 7, 2011
Bunches of multi-tools out there. Here are some I've used and my impressions (and weight info). Would also recommend @saibot 's video (Rides of Japan) on how to change the tools to remove the pieces you don't need and replace them with tools you do.

Topeak Ratchet Rocket – 141.5g – Handy, has most everything you need except chain breaker tool. On the road, I find that changing the tool size is a bit of a PITA, but I love the ratcheting system that makes it easy to deal with hard to get at bolts. I probably use this one more at home than on the road. Adding the chain breaker tool below puts the total weight at 182g. (Although you can lighten it up by ditching some of the tools you don’t think you need.)

Topeak MultiTool – 160g – Has most everything you need (6 hex wrenches, flat-head and phillips screwdrivers, no torx), plus: 1) chain breaker, 2) a wire to hold the chain, and 3) tire levers. A bit heavy but since the chain breaker is included, it is not too bad. However, the tire levers are rather small, so I carry bigger ones and don't use these.

Topeak (yellow one) – 116g – Has most of the tools you need. Simple, minimalist, easy to use, good leverage, sturdy. Chain breaker not included. Adding the chain breaker below puts the total weight at 156g.

Topeak Mini – 94.5g – Same as above plus 3 torx drives. This is the one I use most. Convenient, easy to stash, light weight, sturdy. Add the separate chain breaker and total weight is only 135g.

Crank Bros Syndicate – 163.5g – Has 7 hex drives, one torx drive, a flat-head and phillips screwdrivers. The tool slips neatly into the case which holds a chain breaker. The case also gives you good leverage when using the chain breaking tool. A bit heavy, but pretty handy.
Chain breaker – 40.5
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