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Multi-modal transportation in Tokyo


Mar 16, 2009
My wife and I are going to be in Tokyo for a couple of weeks in August, and are bringing our folding bikes. What I was wondering was how taking a folding bike on the JR and Tokyo Metro work? I had read something about JR wanting the bike in a bag, and had not read anything about Tokyo Metro at all. My bike is a Bike Friday Tikit, and has a cover that can go over it, but her bike is a Mobiky Genius, and would be very difficult to put in a bag, though it does have an enclosed chain and gearing, so wouldn't get grease on anything, and fold up to quite a small package with both the handlebars and peddles folding up.

I was just wondering what the rules were for this sort of thing? Here in LA we are spoiled, because you can just roll any bike on the subway, as long as it isn't rush hour.

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try this link here...


enter rinko or train or both

Ah, thank you very much! I had already done a search for "train" and read many pages of results, most of which just mentioned bagging the bike, with no specific mention of what kind of bag. It appears "rinko" was the search term I needed, which was not a word I had heard before.

Sorry to ask a question which has been asked so many times before.
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