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MTB Noda Dec 20


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Jan 14, 2007
Can a mod edit the title?

Should be Dec 20th not 22nd!!!!

This race is near me:

I've been meaning to go in it too for the last 3 years but always forget about it.
In the last year I've been training with the guys who race for this promoter's team.

I'm definitely going to watch but not sure if my MTB skills are good enough on this course. I'll have to go and check it out soon.

The course is by the Tone river. The Tone river marking is 100km to the sea.
Closest train station would be Umesato or Unga on the Tobu Noda line from Kashiwa or Omiya.
No MTB...

but if I'm around that weekend I'll definitely think about riding up to watch. I've been wanting to explore more of the Tone upstream for a while and this would be the perfect excuse.

Would be cool if you decided to race in it...

(I did look but couldn't see any way to edit the thread title...)
Still planning to go and watch this...providing my wife doesn't throw a spanner in the works. (which is likely).

Driving back from the in-laws in deepest Tohoku on Saturday, so Sunday might have to be a day of rest... Would still like to try to make it though.
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