MTB and BMX pre-Olympic training venue suggestions

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
I've been asked a couple of questions from a compatriot regarding possible training/practice venues in advance of a forthcoming major sporting event in the Tokyo area. Wonder if any TCC folk have ideas or suggestions.

1. Are there any BMX freestyle parks of a good standard in or around Tokyo?
2. We need some good trails for cross country MTB, but are struggling to find somewhere to base the team prior to moving to the Izu (Shūzenji) village. Any clues?




Maximum Pace
Nov 14, 2011
Miura, Japan
Since no one is really responding -
I know I have ridden past a "BMX" type track just past Sagimahara. Never actually looked at it as i was always on a road bike.
I also know there is a Fujimi MTB course used for endurance racing. it is not Fujimi-Panorama. It is a different course all together.
Living legend of freestyle, Van Homan is working with the Olympic people advising on the freestyle event check @vandeverhoman on teh gram.

With regards to training/practice facilities, there are on Olympic standard race tracks in Tokyo. I hope that will change. Planet skatepark in Hachioji is listed as a freestyle practice venue.

I don't know where the MTB XC event is going to be held. The Japanese mountain bike scene is pretty dead. Ari used to be used for World Cups way back when.

All I'm interested in is a pumptrack somewhere in central Tokyo. Maybe Olympic fever will deliver something...