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Mt Takao


Hello Weathergirl47,
This is Travis. Nice to see you on the site.
I honestly can't tell you about Mt. Takao itself, but if you're looking for a great climb in that area, it's called "Wada-toge". (和田峠)。
From Takao station, the road goes straight from the station - Rte.61 - Don't turn onto Rte.20; just go straight.
After about 3.5km, you'll go through a tunnel and then have a short downhill to a set of traffic-lights - Rte.521.
Turn left there and follow 521 out for about 6-7km - keep an eye on the big blue road signs, so that you don't get lost - there's a slight left turn that you have to take.
After about another 2-3km, you will come to the last little town (there's a drink-vending-machine there), then it turns to the right....And goes UP for 3km to the top.
Wada-Toge is kind of famous in one of the groups I ride with, as being the "steepest climb in Tokyo". It's short (3km), but very nasty!
If you want to try it out, the elevation is only 700m above sea-level, but it's a great training ground.
As for Mt. Takao, I'm sorry but I can't help you - I've only heard about it from hikers (on foot).
Hope this helps! Travis
Hi weathergirl47-san,

welcome to TCC!:welcome:

I don't know the trail in Takao-san.
Does anybody know about it?:)
i go up their a fair bit and there`s a few lovely trails, everybody has been fine and have had no bother. I would say that the descents are for the more experienced though, mail us if you wanna know more
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