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Mt Fujimi


Feb 12, 2009
Hi all,

This summer I am looking to sample the the highly praised trails of Mt Fujimi. I have been trying to find some information regarding travel to Fujimi but have had no luck so far.

I am based in Saitama with no car so I will be relying on trains. From what I can make out this is going to be quite a sting to the wallet but I'm not even sure I can take my bike on the train.

Has anyone got any experiences of travelling to Fujimi by train or any other public methods?

Any information will be very appreciated.

Thanks ahead.

Hello James,

I've been a couple of times, the 3 courses are great and the scenery is quite stunning. However, it is a very expensive day out.

Return train to Fujimi Y9400 :eek:uch: Then theres only 1 bus a day, it leaves Fujimi at 10am and returns from the ski slopes at 3pm - so I have have ended up taking a taxi back to the station both visits.
But if you're taking your own bike, you should be able to ride from the station to the ski slopes, even on a downhill rig. You can take your bike on any train, but it must be in a bag.

I hired a Kona Stinky Deluxe for the day, Y8000 :eek:uch:

Then lift tickets + insurance are Y5200, :eek:uch:

Still interested? I advise find a club or shop who are taking a minibus up there, many of them will point you in the right direction.

Heres there summer website: http://www.fujimipanorama.com/summer/mtb/


Thanks for your reply. That is one hell of an expensive ride. It just doesn't feel easy to be a mountain biker in this country :(

Can you recommend any other trail centres or spots in a commutable distance from Tokyo? In the year since I have been here I have only been out on a 10 or so rides and it's making me crazy.

Thanks ahead
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