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Mt Fuji - Other way round...


Feb 17, 2007
Hello together,

fortunatelly I will have time on Sunday for a nice (long) trip...
By knowing how to get to the Mt. Fuji region I just want to do the trip of last weekend - only other way round. So leaving the normal way and then getting the 517, 35 to Fujiyoshida and going down the 412 (or 413?).

I fanyone would like to join - you are welcome.
I like to leave as last weekend at 7:00 at Eda Station (Den en Toshi line- may be wrong written :) )

Rain !

Looks like 80% chance of rain on Sunday .......but you never can tell I suppose. Good luck anyway Christoph.......:)
Saturday is better!

I'm meeting some Japanese friends on Sat.morning, at Takao station at 8:00, for a ride out to Enzan!
If you (or anyone-else) can make it out there at that time, let's ride!
My friends don't speak any English, so I was a bit worried about inviting everybody.
But as a ride, it looks really cool!
Takao to Enzan - via Wada-toge, Kobu-tunnel, Okutama-ko, Imagawa-toge. Yanagisawa-toge, and down to Enzan from there!
Anyway, tomorrow at Takao at 8:00!
If you can make it, GREAT!
See you! T
hello travis

for tomorrow i'am out - i have to wait for a mechanic on sat. morning :eek:uch: :eek:uch:

but thanks for the invitation....

I should be delighted . . .

Hi Christoph,

Saturday I am running, so I would be very happy to do a long ride on Sunday with you.

Last Wednesday (national holiday) I did a great ride through Ome out to Chichibu with some friends. It was a great course. Lots of steep climbs and fast technical descents. It is 180KM out and back. With the hill work involved it is a tough day!!!

If your interested in a new course and going to an area you have not yet explored I suggest doing this ride Sunday. However, if you prefer Fuji, that is fine too!


hey philip

sounds good - so where should <we meet on sonday??
the next 2 -3 hours i'am going to be online, later you can get
me only at the mobile

Wild ride to Fuji-san!

Just back from Mount Fuji with Christoph. It was blowing a storm . . . :rain: Very exciting ride. Thank you Christoph for another great day.


You two went out in THAT?

Christoph & Philip!
Are you guys OK? Today was a day to be wrapped up in bed with a nice lady and a warm cup of cocoa!
PLEASE sent a post about what kind of rain-gear you were wearing (if any), and how you kept out the cold!
Anyway, awesome! Travis
Insane !

You guys are crazy without a doubt ! But secret admiration due really !!

:) the weather had not been that bad - the rain was warm and more cloth means that more can get wet....
when we startet for the 517 (the way up) it get warmer and later on the way back the 412 or 413 we get close to some sun getting through the clouds.

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