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Mt. Fuji Hill Climb


Speeding Up
Mar 19, 2007
I received this email yesterday. The entry form that was attached won't open, so I will ask for another. I really wanted to do this race this year, but the Oshima Triathlon is on the same weekend. Oshima is a great weekend escape from the city.


Thank you for inquiring.

This year's Fuji Hill climb is holding on June 7.

The entry deadline is March 18.

The entry form is sent.

Please fill in on the entry form by the entry deadline(March 18), and reply.

E-mail [email protected]

Thank you.

Mt.Fuji Hill Climb Secretariat

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Tokyo 152-8532,Japan
Phone 81-3-3714-1733
Fax 81-3-3714-5455
E-mail:[email protected]
Official Homepage:http://www.fujihc.jp/
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