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Mr. Aoyama Hirotaka


Dec 11, 2008
When I lived in Tokyo from 2001-2004, there was a guy who worked at Ys Bike Academy in Akasaka (http://ysroad-akasaka.com/) named Mr. Aoyama Hirotaka. He was in charge of the road department there, and organized Sunday morning ides around the Imperial Palace. He also put together a group of people through the shop to go to Hawaii and participate in the Honolulu Century Ride for a couple years. He was a good friend, but I have lost track of him since I moved back to the States. He's no longer listed on the staff page of the shop, so I assume he's no longer working there.

I figure the Tokyo cycling community is pretty small, and someone may know him if he's still in town. Does this name ring any bells with anyone? If anyone has an idea how I might get in touch with him, could you please PM me? Thanks very much.
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Thanks for pointing that out snoogly, I have fixed it.

Thanks, guys. This is fantastic, and it is great news that he has his own shop. I hope it will do well. (Though I'm embarassed at having had his first name wrong. At least I've always called him "Aoyama-san" to his face...) I'll give him a call tonight.

Cheers! :)

I can certainly recommend Hiro and his small but excellent business to anyone here. If you want to have a bike fitting done in English then he is your man.

A really genuine guy who lives and breaths cycling.....if you can seek him out you will not be disappointed.

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