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Moving to Yokosuka in August


Aug 9, 2007
Hello everyone,

I'll be moving to Yokosuka 21AUG07. I'll be there for 3 years. I'm interested to continue road riding and get back into good riding shape (0 riding for 3 months since preparing for the move and shipping belongings including my bike). I will obviously be new to the area, but I'm looking forward to learning new routes around the area, and meeting fellow cyclists abroad. As I get free time...I'm hoping there are some good rides...flats and climbing alike.

Hi Stephen . . .

Yokosuka is a nice area to live in and has easy access to some great cycling. The best way to learn the cycling areas around you is to ride with us on the weekends which you are very welcome to do :)

Good luck with the move.



As soon as I arrive and settle in with the move I would like to ride whenever possible (I guess on the weekends). My knees/ankles can only take on so much running! I'll definitely keep in touch.


I too, will be moving to Yokosuka but not until next year, possibly April or May 2008. I will be there for 3 years with the intention to stay one extra year. I would be up for going on rides with you, time and work permitting of course.


Sounds good. Looking forward to riding and learning the routes in Yokosuka...will see you APR/MAY08!

I work at CFAY, and am looking for people to do some lunch or early afternoon rides/morning rides.
That would be great when I receive my household goods mid to late September. I'm always up for a ride when I have free time!

New rider

Just started riding and got myself a bike for Christmas. I live in Yokohama and work in Yokosuka and would love to get together with someone who knows the some good rides around either area.
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