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Moving To Tokyo


Jan 31, 2007
Greetings! Just did a quick search and found your club. I am being transferred to Tokyo in April by my company and wondered what the cycling is like? It appears there is a fairly active community. I am a triathlete worried that I might not be able to keep up my training if I I move. I have some say in where I can live, does anyone have suggestion on good locations near cycling roads? Sorry lots of question that I know have been asked before. Thanks.


Welcome to TCC:welcome: and to Tokyo!

There are lots of good places to cycle, you might goinsider having a look at the Arakawa cycling path along the river there and also around the Tama area. I really don't know too much about what is good for triatheletes, but I am sure you will enjoy it if you come and join us on some rides!

Please watch this page for upcoming events and come and join us!

best regards

Depends on type of riding, my 2 yen

My guess is that your are used to US style training rides. If correct, my suggestions:

1) For open, long distance, enduro type training - defn arakawa river trail. Easy to get a good round trip ride of up to 100 miles /160K from central Tokyo on wider, open, relatively less congested trails (save for areas where soccer, baseball, and lacrosse teams congregate - where its open season with bikes, moms, bbqs, etc...). Flat, and easy to open up in aero position (20 mph -25 mph). Can be windy on some days, but you're a triathelete with superior aero dynamics.

2) Tama iriver is good, but I find the riding trails narrrow (by US standards), road conditions less than average, and shared by pedestrians. Hard to maintain constant pace of 18+ mph.

3) Riding in traffic is NOT AT ALL like the US. Cars actually see and respect bikes that ride in streets (provided that your are not moving at Mama-san bike pace). Rides are broken up by red lights, but its easy to get in great rides, flowing in and out of traffic in just about in any direction you choose. Most cars give wide berth to gaijin bikers, though taxi's and truckers (and an occassional yahoo) can get pretty close to you - but most are real pro's and they know proximity to you. Hard to adjust in beginning, but I find myself wishing riding on US streets was this amenable to bikes.

On the streets close to Tokyo, my favorites are riding counterclockwise around Imperial palace (about 3 mile loop), and around one of the imperial guest houses next to the New Otani Hotel (2 mile loop). If your into non-aero postion peleton type riding and you end up living close to Shinagawa, I suggest Oi-futo on Sunday mornings. This is a land fill island full of trucks and whs's that shuts down on Sundays. You'll find 200-300+ road jockies doing a 7 mile ish (10k) loop at all types of speed/pace up until about noon.
Exactly what I am looking for! Thanks for the taking the time to respond. Now I don't feel so anxious about riding. My only cocern now is which bike do I bring? I don't think I am going to have enough room for TT and Road bikes...plus my wife wouldn't like to see both:D It will probably be the road bike which I can throw jammer aero bars on if needed. Thanks again!
Check Apt conditions

I struggled with what bikes to bring as well. I ended up bringing a nicer road bike and a beater mtn bike.

If you haven't found your house/condo/"mansion" yet....You should know that many apt/condo complexes have designated parking area for bikes (and frown on bringing bikes into the house). They are normally locked/indoors, but I'm not used to locking my better bikes in public areas (and removing seatbags, pumps, etc... each time). I negotiated to allow the nicer bike in the house - and am keeping the beater in the bike lot.

Also.. If you plan on travelling by train to your triathlon's.. You can carry your bike on trains for a small price (couple of bucks) and a if you have a carrying bag (called rinko bukuro). Basically, they want you to remove wheels and cover everything up. I've seen people use tarps... Point here is this might be a consideration for your TT bike. Anyone know if there are rinko bukuro's that are TT bike friendly?
Oooo...good to know with the housing issue. I would not want to leave my bike outside in a bike area. Even if it were safe. I have a pretty good bike box that I plan to ship my bike over. Is that too much for a train ride? My bet is that it is.
Bikes inside!

Hello jwehrwein,
hey trad,
First, let me tell you that my bike lives INSIDE!
I live in a small "2LDK": 2-bedroom, Living/Dining/Kitchen place, but the second bedroom is now known by various riding buddies as "The stable"! That's where we keep our "steeds"!
At first, they may frown, but now that I've gotten to know the landlord/superintendent, he just smiles and says, "how far are you going today?"...
I've had up to 3 bikes at once in here!
So, it shouldn't be a problem.
As for the aero-bars on the TT-bike, I can't help you; Sorry!
I'd recommend just bringing the roadie over here, though! Coming on so of our slower treks on a TT-bike might make you look like the odd man out - besides, there are very few places you'd be able to ride it at top speed. Just get down on the drops (like everyone else:D ).
As for the bike-box, where would you leave it after you got off the train?
It'll be fine for the trip from the airport, but over here, they charge you for every little bit of land/space that you take up, so the bag is the best bet.
Anyway, hope to see you over here soon.
And you (trad), hope to see you on some of the TCC rides!
Rubber down! T
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