Moving to Shibuya soon


Apr 10, 2015
Hello, i applied for a japanese language school July intake in Shibuya and hopefully i will get accepted into the school. I'm new to road bike field and has been riding Specialized Allez Elite but have to sell it once im graduated this May.
I was hoping to get more serious in road biking once i go Japan as i have read and watch a lot of video bout biking around Japan and it seems like a really nice country to do so.
It will be a month before i know the result for the school acceptance but i guess there's no harm introducing myself and get to know more bout Japan road biking scene first.
I'm a Malaysian currently doing engineering degree in Montana, USA. Its my dream since young to experience life in Japan so i finally applied for a language school just to experience life there for a year+. I got into road biking last fall and gotten myself a Specialized road bike but dint get to ride much due to the weather in Montana.
So, hope i got into the school and hope i get to ride with everyone here in the near future.