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Moving from Miami to Tsukuba


Oct 4, 2010
Hi, I am moving to Tsukuba at the start of 2011. I have recently got into road cycling and go on regular organised rides 3 times a week and race when they come up....I would like to keep cycling when I move to Tsukuba. Are there any organised cycling meet ups in the area? Also, what is like cycling in Tsukuba and the surrounding area. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks, Dan :bike:


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
The local Tsukuba mountain attracts cyclists daily. You'll love it if you like steep...
You'll soon find a good group that suits your tastes. Don't commit too early to one group as they tend to be very tight knit. It's hard to move to a better group if you've bought team wear etc with the wrong group.

No hurry.

Also flat rides across to Tsuchiura and around the lake if you don't like climbing


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
As well as the routes Pete mentions, you're also in easy striking distance of the Tone River, which has great, nearly empty cycling roads up- and down-river.

You'll also be in range of the Motegi area, with lots of nice rolling hills.

We occasionally do rides to Tsukuba, along the Tone, and around Kasumigaura (the big lake), more like fast tours than organized team rides though.
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