For Sale Moving Cleanout (Rapha, Attaquer, Cadence,...)


May 23, 2016
I am moving and have to sell some of my cycling clothes.

PM me if interested and I can send more details shots and we can sort out the payment/shipment.

Rapha Core Jersey
Size XS
Condition very good -- I very much like this jersey but hardly wore it because the fit is not made for my body shape it seems. Basically it is like new.
Price ¥ 4000.-
IMG_4389-1.jpg IMG_4390-1.jpg

Eddy Merckx
Size S
Condition very good
Price ¥ 5000.-
IMG_4392-1.jpg IMG_4393-1.jpg

Rapha Pro Team Bib
Size S
Condition very good -- somehow the rapha fit is not made for my body shape, so I hardly used it.
Price ¥ 8000.-


Cadence Winter Jersey
Size S
Condition good -- Knitting is loose on the bottom (check the photo) which is more of a "cosmetic" issue than a functional problem
Price ¥ 6000.-
IMG_4397-1.jpg IMG_4399-1.jpg IMG_4400-1.jpg

Attaquer Winter Soft Shell
Size S
Condition good (the knitting on both arm ends is loose) -- It is a great jacket. With the right base layer it will keep you warm through late fall, winter and early spring. The knitting is loose, but this can be fixed easily at one of the Tokyo tailor repair shops.
Price ¥ 8000.-
IMG_4403-1.jpg IMG_4404-1.jpg