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Mount Fuji - Sunday March 18th


Speeding Up
Feb 15, 2007
Christoph and I will ride to Mount Fuji on Sunday March 18th. It is a 200KM+ ride. Exactly half is up-hill (and the other half downhill).

We will leave Tokyo along Route 246, before turning right on Route 16 upto Hashimoto. This 40KM section is typical 'getting-out-of-Tokyo' riding - busy main roads and lots of traffic lights :(

However . . .

From Hashimoto, we will take Route 413 up to Yamanakako, and then follow Route 35 back down. Both these roads provide some of the best riding around Tokyo and have been highly recommended by members in past weeks :D

If you want to come with us . . .

I will be joining Travis' Okutama 2 ride tomorrow. Please talk to me then or send me a personal message (due to the late timing please include your mobile phone number in case we need to sort things out on Saturday evening).


Wish I was coming Phil.

I don't think my foot will hold up though. Are you doing the same route as we did??

Goodluck anyway, very envious.

A little different . . .

Hi Paul,

We will go up the way we came down together last time on Route 413. Then we will come back down on another road we did not use (Travis used it last week). This runs parallel to the road we went up, but is a lot smaller and prettier than the big main road.

I should not tempt you when you are injured, but are you sure you don't want to try?


NHK say . . .

The weather will be fine . . . sunny with occasional cloud. No wind!

How good is that :cool:

Mount Fuji Ride Report

Perfect Day

Christoph (Cinelli) and I met at Eda Station on Route 246 at 7:00AM. The ride along R246 and up R16 is the 'cost of entry' to the mountain roads outside Tokyo.

With R16 behind us we began the 50KM climb up R413. It follows a beautiful valley between the mountains all the way to Yamanakako Lake at the foot of a majestic Mount Fuji resplendent in the midday sun and a cloudless blue sky. It was a glorious day. Spring was in the air and the road builder must have been a keen cyclist. We did not stop once until we reached Yamanakako Lake. Fatigue catches up with you in the final quarter just as you reach the steepest sections. And when you think you can take no more, the road suddenly tilts downward for a 5KM roll to the lake and lunch.

Leaving Yamanakako Lake we turned our backs on Mount Fuji. Route 139 fell away beneath us 25KM straight out into the distance. We selected top gear and pushed the play button. Flat-out, often above 60KPH, on clear roads, we were passing cars, Christoph on the left, Philip on the right, past the faces of unsuspecting drivers who had just been 'mugged' by two cyclists. I was grinning from ear to ear. Two characters in a video game. Fantastic!

Next we joined R35. With an initial climb to its apex and then a roll down the other side it forms a bridge through the mountains towards Tokyo. It is just damn pretty. It is altogether smaller and more refined than R413. It requires more skill than power. The bends are tighter and less predictable. It is an old road that follows the contours of the mountain and not an engineer's grand design.

So which is the best cycling road around Tokyo; R413 or R35? Actually, neither. That award goes to R517 which we used to link the base of R35 to R412. Route 517 is a roller-coaster ride. It zigzags its way from peak to peak soaring and swooping through the troughs between. I suspect we climbed more during that short 8KM section than the rest of the day put together. You reach its climax on a narrow forest road along a ridge that overlooks Sagamiko Lake.

You exit the mountains and rejoin urban traffic like stepping through a door following a steep drop down from R517 onto R412. Hands covering the brakes we blasted our way back along R412 and R413 to R16. Finally, we "snaked" (thank you Travis) our way through the busy traffic along R16 and R246 at breakneck speed. 216KM end-to-end.

I cannot finish without mentioning my debt to Christoph. He always places others of less ability before his exceptional talent. Each time I ride with Christoph my cycling improves. Thank you Christoph for a perfect day!
Hi Philip-san,

thank you for your perfect report!

Now I understand you ran over 400km in two day!:eek: :eek:
Unbelievable for me.:eek: :eek: :eek:

U-mu...Sugoi! (うーむ、すごいっ):D

Great report Philip!
For you to do two 200km+ rides in 2 days is amazing! - I'm not not surprised that you were 3 minutes ahead of me at the top of Okutama!
They look like really great roads!
I remember you saying once, that out of all the triathlon disciplines, cycling was your weakest point. But I think you've well and truly moved up from there!...
And you couldn't have a better training partner than Christoph to push you to your absolute limits.
Anyway, well done buddy! T
Philip, I have to agree with Travis: it is absolutely amazing that you went on the Fuji trip just one day after our adventure in Okutama! Hats off! Thanks for the wonderful report. :)
I'm flattered . . .

Hi Sora-san and Travis-san,

To be honest, the hardest part was getting out of bed on Sunday morning. Once I was back on the road everything fell back into place :bike:

After just two consecutive high mileage days I am just beginning to appreciate the dedication required to complete one of Travis' long-distance tours.

Christoph wants to ride the route in the opposite direction (anti-clockwise) because he "thinks it is a steeper climb" - and he thinks I am crazy :confused:

I highly recommend the route (especially the speed section Travis! :D ).


'Nuff Respect!

Way to go Philip. >400km in two days is a serious distance, especially over those roads.
I also enjoyed Route 517 (east to west direction) on Sunday as part of a shorter ride I did with my girlfriend.

By the way, when we raced up Tomi-no-mori, after the first few turns I could still see your blue jacket behind me; I was almost sprinting to get around the next corner so you couldn't see me as a "target"!

See you next time,
Thank you Thomas . . .

However, I suspect you would have joined us if you had not been working. And judging by the speed you were traveling towards Shinjuku on Saturday evening I suspect Christoph would have faced a tougher competition had you been there :)

We should arrange a group ride to Fuji-san when you can get some free time.



PS - My apologies for not saying goodbye Saturday evening - I needed to stay in the left lane for the Kanana exit. I could see your silhouette to my right rising and falling with the overpass.
Alan . . .

Christoph and I would have been surprised to meet you and your grilfriend coming the other way along R517 :eek:

There was a large performance difference between us on Saturday. Your combination of power and cadence was really impressive. However, I do intend to close the gap ;) Maybe next year I will be able to set my targets on you!


I feel that I missed two important rides last weekend:(
Next time, I will join you:)

Could you mark your sunday ride on bikely website, so I could do that this weekend:D

Definitely, I need hills training before April's race


hello together,

just a short comment from my side...
the summury gets the whole trip!!! it had been one or maybe even the best trip
i had done in japan. really a nice roads and landscape!!!
So thanks to phil joining me and making the repeat tour that interisting to the others:D :D
hope to do it agin pretty soon - unfortunattelly it looks not that good for me at the moment:eek:uch:

Are you injured???

Hey Christoph,

"hope to do it agin pretty soon - unfortunattelly it looks not that good for me at the moment"

What happened??

Hey Christoph,

"hope to do it agin pretty soon - unfortunattelly it looks not that good for me at the moment"

What happened??


No No, it's only work and trips.....:rolleyes:
even i just got the chance to do a nice trip at this weekend - therefore i just check who planed something!!
i hope for you it's becoming better?

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