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Mount Fuji Hill Climb

Short notice!

We only have 6 days to apply!
I went in this race 2 years ago, and my time was 1hr,37min,08secs!
One of the friends I went with had a time of 1hr,17mins - just 2mins outside the A-team time classification!
I reckon I might be able to beat that this year, but I will still go in the "General" class race.
Who else? T
actually... i just re-read that homepage... applications start March 1st but there may be a limit to the numbers accepted.... The English page is also for last year...

Plenty of Time

Entries start on March 1, not finish. Still plenty of time.

I will probably go. All factors permitting, I will probably do Kusatsu, Omote-Fuji, Utsukushigahara, Fuji and Norikura. Who knows, though; I was sidelined almost the whole of last year with an injury.
Count me in!


had a few problems with the login all cool now though.

I Like the idea of climbing Fuji-San - one for the palmares that few in northern europe can quote...........

I'm not due to be in Japan until mid April, so my boss tells me, so will miss the entry closure. If there is a good group from TCC going I'd like to get in on the action - I may be old but can still spin it quite well, can you, or anyone else in the TCC, keep me abreast of the entires for this event as I'd really like to do it.

On the whole this is the best club site I've visited - so hats of to the guys that make it happen....

'It's not about the bike'


I'm in. So is Sean (motionid).

Applications close at 17:00 today!

Hurry up, you can still apply for the fuji race.
I just registered 3 of my friends deadline april 19.

Only kaijin:(

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Dear Thierry,

We ended acceptance for Japanese.
But we still take an entry from foreigner.

If the 3 racers are foreigners, please hand entry sheet.

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