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Motegi Seven Hour Endurance Race 11/1

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Speeding Up
Jun 22, 2008
The application for this race has started on August 25rth and already more than 1.100 riders have registered for the race in the first week. In case we would like to form for this one we must hurry up.


This race is on the weekend before the Giro de Hotaka, so luckily this year there is no conflict with this race and JCRC Saiko (also one wek later) and Tour de Okinawa (the same).

Motegi is an almost flat race track in Honda Land North of Tokyo. Details you can find on the webpage.

I thought that perhaps we can register as a 4 - 5 rider strong mixed road team, there we would have the best chances to land on the the podium. Of course I am thinking about Naomi & Alan, but also about Phil, Thomas, James FarEast, Travis, Edogawakikoman .. who else would be perhaps interested????

I will also check interest with the other Positivo Espresso team members.
No Interest ????

Ah, come on guys, this is a good race and we can beat all mixed competition with the right team. Don't be shy and join the team .... ahem .. actually join ME as per today. As an extra, all team members will get a free set of Positivo Espresso gloves if they don't have one already. How much additional bribery do you need?
Hey Michael, sorry, I should have replied earlier... I like that circuit and would love to do another enduro there, but there's a chance I'll be out of the country then so don't want to commit to a team thing unless 100% sure I can do it.

BTW, I wouldn't call Motegi "almost flat", necessarily. It does have 30m of climbing per lap, which adds up to 600m in the 100km race in January, for example. But then, I'm, er, vertically sensitive, and one man's "hilly" is another man's "nearly flat", eh. :D:D
I'd also like to do it but this is a weekend I normally spend in Hakuba with my brother doing some Saiko training. (He only comes to Japan 2 or 3 times a year).
Also trying to avoid the 1man yen races as much as possible.
Motegi Race Report

David, Jerome and me raced yesterday in Motegi at the seven hours endurance race. Here is the start of the race report, please read everything else at the Positivo Espresso website.

"And this is the brake, yes !???!"
"No, there you can shift the gears."
"So, where is the brake, then?"​

Should one be worried, if the rider next to you in the pit during a bicycle race is getting instruction from the friends like this? Well, the weather was fine in Motegi and the course has wide roads, so all kinds of beginners and the usual assortment of fluffy animals, kappas, ultramen and riders dressed as cockroaches can be tolerated I guess.
Thanks for the report Michael, good read...congrats to the team, especially the young'un.

Two observations:

1. In just two years of racing here, I've definitely noticed the competition get stronger in every event I've done. My times improve, my relative positions fall...
2. Are you admitting now that Motegi does in fact provide some climbing challenges :):p
Completely forgot about this event...and I didn't even go away as normal...

My Wed night training buddies came 15th this year...

How was the wind? Was quite windy at Friendly Park where we had training...

Yes, Phil, The level of cycling has definitely improved in the last 6 years.

Guys who were in A and S class 5 years ago are slow compared to the guys who have since started racing and moved up the ranks.
All good for the future of Japan cycling.
When I was in D class it got harder and harder every year and I thought it was going to be impossible to progress any further.
Thinking the same again now...it only gets harder and harder...
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