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Morning ride on April 18 (from Yokosuka Base)


Jul 18, 2008
As it looks like there is interest in a Miura-area ride this Sat, a new thread seemed like a good idea.

Suggestion would be:

Date: April 18, Saturday
Start time: 7AM
End time: Before noon
Meeting place: Yokosuka Base main gate
Distance: 60-80km, depending on time and interest
Route: We can discuss

But, please share your preference (especially folks like Yulin4008, Evan06, Phil Harris). Would be great if something worked out.
Oops posted on the old thread. I cannot make that time this Saturday due to plans around 1200. Sorry, I would like to join the ride but I have plans to see the Blue Man Group in Tokyo. Curious, do you work on the base? I work at SRF.

No, I actually don't work on base. I'm just an off-base civilian worker(manager/engineer).
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