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More hills: March 11th; HAKONE!


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Nov 4, 2006
It sounds like quite a few of us got into some mountainous areas last weekend!
"Pucci", Sean, Christoph, and I on Saturday; then "AlanW", and "Chazzer" on Sunday.
This weekend though; Aaron "Pucci" & Sean mentioned a run out to Hakone!
I don't know the course exactly - It was Aaron's idea.
But it sounds like, "bike-bag" to Odawara, then down the east coast of Izu-Hanto to Yugawara, followed by a bit of a climb over the top before coming back up (from the Mishima side) to Hakone, and then finally back down to Odawara again - They said it was about 110km all up.

I've never done a ride around Hakone, so I'm very interested in seeing what it's like.
This ride will be much easier than the last one we did, so if anyone out there wants to join the three of us (so far), please send your replies!
>Triroo, you said you were free on that day, so how about it?
And seriously, anyone else - even if you don't think you're a strong climber, it will be good practice, and we won't leave anyone behind!
Again, probably a 10:00 meet at Odawara station, and a 10:30 roll-out.
The more, the merrier! Travis
Biz Trip !


This sounds really good and I was hoping to make it three weekends in a row but I have to travel on Sunday so it may be a solo Saturday for me if anything. Was thinking of trying the Okutama Tour route actually.

Anyway - next time perhaps !


I did Hakone once with Newton. However, no rinko-bukuro. I totalled 230km that day, including the hill climb. Unfortunately, I am not available next weekend.
I'm game, need to get in a ride with you guys, was in Hakone not long ago for a Onsen trip... soso water... but had a good look at the road going up from Hakone side of the mountain and back down. Let me know when and where to meet .. getting a bike bag later today. Happy I have three little rings on my trainer... my TT bike would blow on this trip
Should be able to make it for this ride. I've driven over Hakone Skyline; it should make a good ride.
Will confirm for sure on Saturday.
See you

It looks like we're up to 5 riders!

Aaron (Pucci)
Jeff (Triroo)
Me (Travis)

I think it should be a good ride.
BTW, Aaron, can you put up some details of the actual course, please? I kind of know my way around that area, but this time, it's your call so,,, Yoroshiku!
P.S. for Triroo, Alan, I Think the meeting place will be "Odawara" staion at around 11-ish. See you there! T

Looks like I have to baby-sit a system patch at around midnight on Saturday and extending into Sunday morning.

I expect it to go OK and should still be good for the ride if we can do an 11:00 start. Late, but still enough time, I think.

I will post more info on the course soon, but briefly, it's like this:

Odawara Stn, around the coast to Manazuru, Yugawara, 20km climb to Daikanzan, down to Ashino-ko Lake, halfway around the lake, up to Sengokuhara, enter Mianami-Ahsigara Kansen Rindo (forest road), down to Odawara.


Instead of going back down to Odawara, enter Kuno Rindo (lots of ups and downs including an extra 3km steep dead-end climb (you gotta love the pain,) back down to the plains and then up again to Daiyuzan and across to Shin Matsuda.

The second option will be challenging, but requires riding with all of our stuff (no return to Odawara.) We can decide before we set off.

Weather report calls for 5-% rain. Hope it improves.
Travis, will be taking the shinjuku-odakyu-odawara express-
at 9 am to Odawara, what exit will we use to meet ?
11:00 Start

Meet at 11:00 (time change!) As I recall, there is only one ticket gate. Let's meet in front of it in the main hall.
Too many things to do

I wish I could make the ride but I will be busy. Catch on the next climb....Peace TCC riders
Course & Time

Hey guys,
I assume we're all still on for Sunday!
I think I've got the course locked, but it's still open to adjustments as we go.
Anyway, check the following - To Aaron, this is as close as I could get; Hope it's OK!

It might not be exact, but it should give you all some idea.
Also, as Aaron mentioned, he has a late one the night before, so 11:00 it is!
Triroo, you can take your time in the morning!
I'll be rolling out of Tokyo station on the Tokaido-line.
Anyway, looking forward to finally doing Hakone (It will be the first time for me).
To AlanW, and Sean, see you at the station!
Rubber down! Travis
I'll be joining the train at Shinagawa station; don't wait for me at Tokyo! The weather forecast is still not great, but it's supposed to be better in the afternoon. If it's raining hard I may bail out; otherwise I'll be there.
Rain? Hope not.

The rain is supposed to clear by Sunday afternoon. Guess this depends on the definition of "afternoon." Let's watch the weather reports.

If the weather dictates an even later later start, there is a very nice hilly ride that starts at Shin-Matsuda and climbs the old Ashigara Pass through Kintoki Tunnel. Almost all on gated roads and just 75 hilly kms. Could be a good alternative just in case.
Fuji-san / Yamanakako II

I am unable to join the Hakone ride on Sunday and so plan to return to Fuji-san on Saturday. The weather forecast for Saturday has improved considerably during the week. I want to ride R413 up to Yamanakako. I was highly impressed with R413 on the return journey from Fuji-san a few weeks ago. I will not be happy until I have ridden back up. It saves 20KM on the R20 / R139 route via Ootsuki that we took previously, which results in a steeper climb!

If anyone is interested in a 200KM ride tomorrow . . .


Hakone is very nice place to ride. I did Hakone few times.
Unfortunately, I am not able to join because I am working this weekend.

There is one cheaper and nice "Onsen" located just above the Odakyu Hakone Yumoto Station, it is on the hill and surrounded by trees. I think just Onsen was about 600 yen.

thats sound like a nice little tirp :D :D :D :D

let me know when - next week saturday would be fine for me....

see you
Looking Good

So far, so good. The rain is supposed to stop just in time for the ride to start.

Pack lightly, so we have the option of taking our stuff and extending the ride and finishing at Shin-Matsuda. Take a headlamp in case we run out of daylight.

In case the weather changes and we need to cancel or change to the backup plan with a later start, I will send my cell phone number to:

Jeff (Triroo)

Anyone else? Please send your numbers back to me if you don't mind.

Sean will be bringing Ben as well, I think, so we should be 6.
Hakone Preview


Good luck tomorrow. As I said I can`t be there so I attempted it today and it was really good. However I made a mistake on the route back and simply turned right down the 138 and then Route 1 back to Odawara so only covered 75kms after all. But I got to pass the Fujiya Hotel where our daughter took her first steps 11 years ago so that was great actually.

One thing to note the parkway up to Hakone Pass has a lot of resurfacing work going on so there are lights and some delay which was very welcome I assure you as that section is 12% !

Then I was stopped by the patrol in a yellow SUV and told that bikes are not allowed on the toll road. Well too bad ! I just soldiered on to the top and crept by the toll booth very quietly !

Hope you have a great day. The section from Yugawara to Hakone Pass was very tough for me and there were a few stops but now I have that under my belt !


It's not looking good for tomorrow... But I don't want to be so quick to cancel either.
All the weather reports I've looked at so far are saying rain until about noon, and then clearing suddenly to sunny skies. However, I trust the weatherman only slightly more than I would trust a half-blind neurosurgeon with shaky hands.

I'll be up early to check the weather one more time tomorrow before deciding whether or not to bail out. If it looks promising, we can all meet later (12:00 at the latest), and do one of the shorter routes that "Pucci" knows.

So far, I have Alan's and Aaron's numbers - I've sent PM's to you both and Triroo with my number.
Will call you at around 8 - 8:30 tomorrow, and we can discuss our options!
Hopin' for a meteorological miracle.
Later! T

P.S. Well done Chazzer! I did Atami-toge 2 years ago with a full back-pack, and ended up walking the last kilometer.
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