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Mont Bell Rinko Bag - Review.


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
@Sibreen asked about bags in another thread, so I figured I would throw up my review of what i have.

I bought a Tioga Cocoon bag when I first got to Japan.
I ride a 60cm bike and it just did not want to fit and it was a complete PIA to work with.
But the time I finished packing my bike, roughly 10 minutes seemed to have passed.

Riding with Half fast to Koga city, I Dean put his bike in a bag in a minute or two.
Since we actually had the exact same bike, i investigated.

It was then mentioned to me that MontBell sells a bag my bike would actually fit in.
7000Y is a bit pricey, however I can pack my bike away in less than 2 minutes and it fold up much smaller than the tioga. The bag folded up easily fits in my middle pocket.

My only complaint is there seems to be some wear on the back where the rear skewer is located. It seems on the train the bike has rubbed a little back and forth with that being the pressure point. It is nothing a small patch can fix if it ever rubs through.



Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2009
With the fairmean bag actually the same size as the iPhone!

Good review, I only used the Tioga, which worked really well for me. And then the fairmean, which I also recommend for its size and engineering. Just get the bigger one as some trainstations turn you away, when fork and handlebars are not covered.


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
16500Y for a rinko bag! I paid 2000 for mine and it works fine.


Maximum Pace
Jul 23, 2010
Here is is packed up next to an Iphone4 for comparison.
Thanks for the review, bloaker. The size comparison picture is especially useful.
I was interested in the fairmean bags, but 16,500yen is more than my frame is worth. I emailed Jules asking whether the lighter and cheaper air version is still available - will post the response here when I get it.

At the moment I use a 100yen bicycle cover and take a roll of Sellotape with me to fasten the skirts of the cover together. This is fantastic if I take the train out and cycle back as I can throw it away at the station; its ok, if a little bulky, if I cycle out and train back; but train out, cycle, train back is a pain because the the cover never reverts to its original size once unpacked and used.


Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
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