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Monkey Electric


Maximum Pace
Jan 27, 2009
If you ever see me riding at night as I am so oft to do. You will know it's me. I have massive blinky light wheels. Monkey Electric spoke thingies. Like Hokey spokes but the LEDs are much brighter. Everyone sees me coming. I can even ride stupid and not get killed. The downside is they are spendy [ 5 cost about as much as my wheels.] and add rotating mass to my wheels. But I am slow anyway. Also they are not wifi networked like the Hokey Spokes are so you have to turn each one on and off. But as I am a whore for attention I think they are worth it. They do not make the clunky noises on the road as they are rubber & zip tie mounted.

Many Monkeys

I started with 2 front and 1 rear. It looked pretty good but I liked them so much I wanted MOTO so I got 2 more. Now I got 3 in front spaced pretty evenly. The rear 2 are not dead straight across because of where my 36 spokes are but you can't tell that when Im moving. Maybe 32 spokes would work out differently. Anyway besides adding a bit of weight they don't effect my wheels as far as I can tell. I have not got into a wind tunnel so I can't say anything on the aerodynamics either.

Anyway they look AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL so I have been told, and often.

Just one looks OK but you have to be moving pretty fast to get full effect.

Even one will make you more visible to cars at night than anything I can think of.

THANKS, Babel helps.

Another good thing about the Monkey Lights is they make you want to go out and ride at night and ride really FAST because they look better at speed.
TODO, what do you ride. I seen a guy last winter who looked like a christmas tree... he was riding a hybrid looked like it was kitted out to do touring. It was just north of the palace.
Ray, SORRY I do not think that was me. I have only been in Japan since Dec. 1 2008. But I am more than happy to tell you what I ride. Tom Ritchey, Break Away. Ti, Carbon and Dura Ace. A sweet ride. For a complete list of my bikes see my club intro. ALSO look at the Bicycle Life magazine on the stands now. Me and Tom are in it. Also my fren BK. TODO
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