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Monday Ride: Gateway to Hills


Speeding Up
Jul 31, 2007
I just realised that Monday (20 Sept) is a national holiday so I'll be going for a slow/steady ride departing from Musashi Itsukaichi at 9am. There are two possible routes:

1) Tomin no Mori, Tsuru and Kobu Tunnel.
2) Tomin no Mori, Imagawa, Tsuru, Kobu Tunnel

This could serve as an introduction to readers interested in some of the hills on the west. Route 1 is 1700m of climbing in all. Route 2) is 2000m. After Tomin, we'll have dinner at the ramen shop at Okutama-ko.

There's are two bail out options: The first one is after Tomin (so after 700 or 800m of climbing) nearest station: Okutama/Ome; the second is at the bottom of Tsuru where you can head down to Uenohara.

I'm flexible on either route and just want to stretch my legs a bit after having been jammed to a desk for the past two weeks.

Pace, as I said, will be slow/steady so those with a bit of climbing experience or who want to see a bit of climbing are welcome.

1) Tomin-Tsuru-Kobu Route
Total distance: 97km
Total elevation: 1700m

Route info:


If we're feeling genki then we could also throw Imagawa toge into the mix:

2) Tomin-Imagawa-Tsuru-Kobu

This would make it as follows:

Distance: 112km
Climbing: 2073m

More the merrier.


Needed items:

Blinkeys (R&F)
Rinko (if you're likely to bail after tomin, you will need to carry it.)
Can't make it this time...

but would love to do a west side rides again, especially something a bit mellower like this. Hope I can join you for the next one Lee.
Hi Lee,

I would like to join you tomorrow. Do you mind if we go over the rindo?

See you at Musashi at 09:00

Hi Philip,
I also prefer the rindo. Last time I did it two weeks ago on a sunday they were felling trees at the top with lots of signs forbidding cyclists. They weren't at work thankfully. Willing to give it a try tomorrow though.

Thanks Lee for a super ride and your excellent company. Let's ride again after my holidays :)


How was the rindo, guys? Passable?

I tried it a month or 2 ago, but didn't dare to interrupt the tree cutting works - the workers looked really busy close to the top at that time
Hi Philip,

Yes, thanks very much for coming along, I greatly enjoyed the ride and company.

When I got back I was investigating those resorts you mentioned. Hotel Bora Bora is now under renovation so is unavailable. I'm looking into some other places now.

Enjoy your holidays!

Sergey, They're still felling trees up there, but we got through ok even though the workers were there (we could hear the chainsaws at work, though didn't see anyone). There was some sawdust and leaves and stuff on the road, and the cables above the road are still in place. There are also still a lot of felled trees in the valley. I guess it really depends on when you go as it looks like they could still be loading trucks up with wood.

The rindo had cutters and a big truck on it on Saturday, but was easily passable!
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