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Monday 12 - Holiday Express Ride


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
I'm planning to do this ride on Monday:


The route is a combination of the start of my "Speedy Gentlemens' Tour" and the western loop of Philip's "Tour de Christoph" with a distance of about 120km.

Starting point is JR Takao station south entrance. I aim to be rolling by 9am and to complete the ride in daylight. Let me know if you're interested.
Alan, i am new to Tokyo and looking for a couple of easy rides to get me back in the swing of things. any good sugestions for a new comer to Tokyo?
Welcome to Tokyo and TCC.

I suggest you have a look at


which has many routes you can try. Bear in mind that the areas west of Tokyo can be quite mountainous and check out the elevation profile (show => elevation on the website).
Alternatively join up with one of the TCC rides. There's one most weekends, and the ride organiser usually posts the route so you can have a look at it before the ride.

See you,
Hi Alan,

I am very interested in joining you for Monday's ride, if that is ok with you. I am reasonably fit and so should be ok for the 90km. I have just bought a Specialized Allez sport and am looking forward to trying it out. I am new to road riding having spent most of my time mountain biking in Europe.

I only arrived in Tokyo yesterday, but think that i have everything that i need, is there anything special that i need to bring?


You will need a bike bag ("rinko-bukuro" in Japanese) if you intend to take your bike on the train to Takao station. There are coin-lockers at the station so you don't have to carry it with you the whole ride. 3 x 100 yen coins for the locker.
There are a couple of tunnels along the way so I recommend having a rear LED light on your bike.
It will be cold at the top section of the ride (around 1000m elevation); dress accordingly :)

By the way, the distance is 120 km not 90. I'm aiming for 5 to 5-1/2 hours, including stops, to finish the ride.


Many thanks for the information. I definately fancy the ride.

I shall look to get myself a rinko buruko and organise myself so that i am at the Takao station by 8-40. I have everything else and hope that i have the legs for the ride.

My mobile number is xxx xxx. If you would be kind enough to send me your number (xxxxxx) so that i can let you know if i am not able to make it in time for whatever reason it would be very much appreciated.

Check your Private Messages. I have sent you my phone no.
See you on Monday!

Hi Alan,

I would like to join you Alan. If I am a little slow you should have no scruples dropping me. I will meet at 9:00 at JR Takao, South entrance.

Would love to

join as well on Monday for part of the ride (less rinko)...provided I manage to recover from a cold (flu?) which has kept me to bed for the last 2 days:(... still feeling pain in my joints now... Looks like some more of the Positivo Espresso bunch might join as well.
Monday Ride

Yes, Alan, Ludwig and we are considering to you your TCC bunch at Takao on Monday but due to various open commitments we are not 100% sure if we can make it. I will keep you posted.
Sounds like a good ride Alan. As this is my off season because it's so bloody cold I'll be hitting the futsal court instead. Have an enjoyable ride gents. I should be back in the hills come late Feb/March:D
Hi Tom,

I will ride out along the Tamagawa - let me know if you want to meet along the way.

Gentlemen, I will most likely join in as well. :)

I will ride out along the Tamagawa - let me know if you want to meet along the way.

Philip, shall we meet at Tamasuido-bashi? And if so, at what time?

by 9:00 from Takao JR station is Alan's plan and since it takes about 1 hour from Sekidobashi, I'd propose no later than 8:00 @ Sekidobashi where I shall be waiting for you and Thomas to pass by. However, if you don't see me there please continue. The cold I'm trying to overcome is quite nasty:(...

Hi Tom,

I will ride out along the Tamagawa - let me know if you want to meet along the way.

Alan, I'm cleared to ride Monday. I look forward to seeing everyone! Though after the indulgent holidays, my legs are sure to feel like jelly...

Philip, Thomas -- I'll see you at Tamasuidobashi. Tom, I hope you're feeling better.

I look forward to seeing all of you there :)

Tom - hope you can kick that flu :eek:uch:

Mike - ye great southern softie :D


I've been cleared for Monday so would very much like to join if possible.

Will meet you at Takao.

Philip, shall we meet at Tamasuido-bashi? And if so, at what time?

Hi Thomas, Deej & Tom,

Tom reckons 1 hour from Sekidobashi - and we will need a few minutes for breakfast at Takao - so 7:15 at Tamasuidobashi.

Tom, that means we will roll by Sekidobashi at 7:45.

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