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moderation required on replies to own posts on classifieds


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Jul 29, 2012
Hi there,

I have a suggestion,
while I agree with moderation being necessary for classifieds posts and potentially others' comments on those posts, I think that thread owner should be able to respond under his own thread without approval - this way if anyone has any questions the owner could respond immediately making it all more efficient (and without going through private messaging).
I'm not sure if the forum engine supports that though...



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Jun 30, 2013
Right, it is going to need customisation to achieve.


How about this in the meantime;

All new threads in the Classified section will continue to require validation from a moderator (this will prevent a million spamming threads from Harmonic Distortion Resellers, etc.), but once they are approved, posts can be made in each thread without the need for moderation.

Anything iffy that goes on, can be reported and then dealt with by a moderator, but this should make things a bit faster for people. It does also mean that there will be less control over what is posted in each advert thread, so if the original poster becomes unhappy that their thread has been derailed with off-topic stuff, they should report, and these comments will be removed.

If we go for this, it would also be a good time to point out that the Classified section should focus purely on the sale/exchange of goods, and should not be a forum for conversation; that is what the other forums are for.

If everyone is alright with this, just 'like' this comment, and it will get implemented while I work through fixing the issue properly, as was originally suggested by @kubatyszko



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Jun 30, 2013
OK, with the number of people who have already liked this, that is fairly unanimous.

So, the Classified forum now works like this;

1. All new threads will still require approval.

2. Comments in threads from any member are now free, and do not require approval.

This is very much a trial period, so if we start getting loads of spam, or threads start getting derailed, etc., it will go back to the previous system.

If anyone sees anything untoward in any of the Classified threads from here on, please click the Report button on the post(s) in question and they will be dealt with. The original locked system was put in place to protect the interests of those posting, as unlike other sections of the forum, real money and transactions are involved in the Classified section, so it needed to be controlled fairly tightly. This is still the case, but with a slightly more forgiving reply system, so once again, if you see anything odd going on, hit the report button and it will be sorted. Reporting is anonymous so the user who made the post that gets reported is never informed of who reported them.

Thanks, and if you have any other suggestions for fine tuning, as ever, suggestions are always welcome.
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