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Mitsumine HC 4/26


Nov 11, 2008
There is still time to apply for Mitsumine HC which is on 4/26 (Sun) - 4/11 deadline for entry.
Details: http://www.saitama-cf.com/

I checked out the course yesterday and was VERY impressed. This is an awesome climb and is not so far from Tokyo – it only took me 2hrs 20mins to/from the start from/to Ome by bicycle even with a different return route over Arima pass.
For the HC race section, the road is wide, the surface is very smooth all the way up and down, there are distance markers every 0.5km, there was almost no traffic on the HC ascent, and descent down to the dam and some awesome views along the route.
I uploaded gps data to following Garmin Connect page: Yamabushi, Mitsumine HC, Arima pass
And to MapMyRun: http://www.mapmyrun.com/route/jp/chichibu/765123919237157509
See split 2 for the race course and split 3 for the descent after the race.

Subsequently, I applied for the race. If anyone wants to join me I expect to have room for 2 persons + 2 bikes in my car leaving Ome on 4/26 morning – and room for 2 persons to stay in my place in Ome on 4/25 (Sat). Contact me by email ([email protected]) if interested.

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