Sold! Minoura Action Rollers with extras!


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
I'm selling my set of Minoura rollers with extras - the unit is in very good condition and has had some modifications do to it. (Basically I drilled an additional set of mounting holes so that my daughter could rider her bike on it)

The unit is now sold as the MOZ rollers, only with smaller drums - which is a shame as that's what makes rollers good.....big drums.

The set comes with the following:
  • Minoura Action Rollers - folds up nice and tidy and can be used for warming up at races.
  • Foot stand
  • Tire bumpers
  • Fork mount (for those not ready to take the plunge completely or wish to mount a kids bike to the rollers
  • Resistance unit (Action Mag Roller which has now been discontinued)
I can also throw in a large rubber mat.

I'm looking for 15,000 JPY for the whole lot and this does not include shipping.