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Maximum Pace
Jan 27, 2009
I WANT A MINI VELO ! Alas I am 6'3" and ride a 63 cm. I am thinking of getting one anyway and jacking up the saddle with a 300 seat pin and the bars with some kine X stem. Think I have a hope of it fitting ? I lust for celeste so am thinking a Bianchi. I am also thinking it will end up all Campagnolo. Going up to Kamakura / Yokohama / Kawasaki this weekend to hit some bike shops. May not be able to resist. Y's bike in Yoko has one for 80000 Y and think I will give it a try. See how much air I got between my boys and the top tube.
Celeste Mini V

ALMOST have myself talked into getting Bianchi MV.
Y's in Yoko seems a very PRO shop and they have Bianchi. In 53 cm. This is only 10 cm smaller than my normal ride. But then you have the small wheels. SO I dono. If no fittie some short friend O mine is going to be very happy.
Y's bikes is right of the station in Yokohama and I can ride it back to Yokosuka from there.
Since I am thinking of getting S&S couplers put on I can hack the frame in 2 to pack it back together stateside. [ Don't worry. I am a professional pipefitter. I can wack a bike frame in 2 in 2 minutes perfectly with a tubing cutter. Anyone know the take off on a S&S coupler ? Better check on that.] In fact I could ditch the wheels and most of the parts in Japan since I will likely do that anyway and build it back up with whatever CAMPY parts I have kicking around out in the shed. Some exceptions are seat post and quill. I don't think Campy made a seat post 300 mm long in 27.2 and NITTO makes a pretty nice darn long 1" quill stem.

IF I REALY love it I am thinking internal hub gear & rear brake. Then I could mount a ring lock on the rear cantilever studs. Also I just saw a very cool light setup, generator hub with the light mounted on the fork tip.

I unwisely bought one. BUT I finally got it to pretty much fit me. The Franken stem I came up with looks like a boat tiller though. Kinda wipes out the mini vello cute factor, BUT it doesn't hurt my back and handles like a squirrel on crak.

I ditched the MTB bars, shifters, levers and stem. Went Campagnolo NR down tube shifters [ they never worked all that well but they look swell ] Modolo plastic aro/standard brake levers, NITTO stem a long one with a riser thing. ON NJS NITTO steel bars.

HMMMMM, I try AGAIN to attach picture.

/Users/TODDROOT/Pictures/Aperture Library.aplibrary/JAPAN 2009-2010.approject/2010-04-09 @ 08:55:14 PM - 5.apimportgroup/DSC02322/Previews/DSC02322.jpg


I keep getting a "This is not a valid image file." message. I will try to put pic in my album now.
Nice one.
I saw a few good mini velo's at SEO cycle in funabashi including those made by Bianchi, Gios, and Dahon. I've only seen them in pictures, but the Alex Moulton mini velo's are nice (except for the price). Wonder if mini velo's are good for a commuting bike?
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