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Milan - San Remo *spoilers*


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
Cavendish, strewth!

Must confess I thought he had zero chance at this, with the distance and small climbs at the end, but boy he is faaast. He must have made up 10, 20 metres on Haussler after fighting his way out of the pack.

Felt bad for Haussler, losing it by approx 2mms. He had a great jump and no-one else in the world could have caught him. Chopper shot showed him just collapsing off the bike after the finish.

Edit: Darn, sorry. The "spoilers" bit in the title doesn't show up on the front page. :(
Too bad Haussler sort of freaked when he saw Cav coming and swerved left. Probably instinct saying keep em off your wheel. He really just should have taken the straightest line, there would've been no time to take his wheel and come around anyway. Just beyond belief they ride like that after 300km.
Nice find, Thomas. The earlier YouTube clips didn't have the replays.

Sorry, in Dutch.

"Ov Cavendeesh, ov Cavendeesh, ov Cavendeesh... Ngmmm, FOTOFINEESH!!!"

No translation required. :)
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