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Mike's New Bird!


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Mike's new Girlfriend is a stunning Italian that lets him ride whenever he wants and spend as much as he likes on biking kit.
Oh yes, I forgot about that....from what I heard she's a bit of a goer as well! :eek:
James, you heard right.....


Sometimes it's difficult to get her out of bed:confused:
My Italian other half side she might be up for a foursome this sunday... long and hard session if you and your better half are interested?
Mine is fresh American girl, and compared to your pair of lovelies, is a cheap tart.

She has a bit of Japanese in her too, if that is your thing.

I haven't given her a really good hammering yet, and I am not sure how she will respond, so I am building up to it.

Ten years ago, I would have been riding her every night, but the most I can manage at the moment is a couple of quickies on a week night and a slow painful session on a Sunday.

Bought her some flashy jewellery the other night, and some protection for myself, which made us both happy.

Not sure if she likes my helmet, but her nipples are bright red,etc etc.

(I predict an edit... sorry if that was too far...)
Also have an Italian GF, though the wife resents her... says that I am spending to much time with her these days
Lee, I still only have one working HED wheel, so I'm sure she understands;)
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